Clothes That Fit

I was talking to a friend who understands all to well the burden that comes with the territory of being overweight.

Having pondered and taken apart my own thoughts while on this journey. I wanted to know how she processed things.

I mean what does she find to be one of her biggest problems with being an overweight individual.

So I took it upon myself and asked her. “What was her major concern, or problem with being overweight”.

It shocked me the fact that she was able to answer so quickly but here’s her response not verbatim.

One of her biggest problems are the hardships she encounters with finding clothes that fit. I mean let’s face it not every store is willing to sell merchandise for the overweight plus size community.

She strongly voiced how it becomes even more challenging, because once you find clothes. The price has gone up and often times dramatically.

To me she has a very valid concern. Here’s the thing I’m plus size, and bottom heavy I have a very big butt. Much like my friend I’ve encountered situations where I found myself paying much more money than someone else would.

While not every memory is a golden memory. It’s good to know that we can take this injustice, and use it to move us forward.

It’s up to us to remember how injustice made us feel.

Overweight Problems

What does it take for an overweight person to become motivated. Motivated enough to become self accountable for the dreams, and goals of obtaining a much healthier lifestyle.

Truth we know that overeating, and consuming to much of the wrong foods is for the most part reshaping and shortning our lives.

So why is it that when were sad, lonely, and depressed instead of fighting for life we run towards death.

Hands down open arms we run directly to trouble. We sit on the couch or in bed with a bowl or plate full of our favorite indulgence.

We binge watch reality clips of other people fighting with all their strength to overcome a demon that has surpressed them for years.

We cry with envy, jeolosy, and spite. Wishing for a fraction of a second we were someone else, or lived in someone’s shoes other than our own. The silent seeking of pure bitterness.

Reality is that we sit idol feeding our faces with gluteny opposed to taking action. Secretly were screaming for help deep down inside where no one can here us. In a short our silent cries go unheard and sometimes until death itself.

I know exactly what it’s like because this person was once me.

Ball Out Saturday

I’m typically the parent who sits to the side when it comes to my son’s sports. Lately I’ve done things differently, and decided to have much more of a hands on approach.

Being his mother I can say that I already see a huge difference in him opposed to when he first began.

It all began when he was five and starting Tball as his first sport. My son was the one who really didn’t know what he was doing.

A few years later and I love to see the excitement in his eyes going from season to season. Switching from baseball to soccer, and then basketball.

Walking into this gym and knowing that he’s happy and it keeps him active makes me a very happy and proud mom.

Shaping My Son’s Future

It was brought to my attention that I really have to focus on shaping my son’s future leading him in the right direction.

I’ve decided to become more strict with his lifestyle. Let’s be honest if you allow a child to have the slightest influence on their diet and lifestyle (at least mine) they’ll choose what they want.

After receiving positive encouragement I made up my mind that today was the day.

I headed to the store to pick up a few items for my son’s meal and snack prep.

While there I picked up some fruit as both a regular snack, and for a smoothie he’ll have directly after school.

I also picked him up a bag of fish for his choice of protein.

Along with a jar of super greens to incorporate into his smoothies.

Overall I believe that this grocery haul was well worth it. And thank you for taking the time to step up and encourage this change.

Impromptu Workout

After my workout on Wednesday I was left feeling proud of myself, but my body felt it.

Not the type of pain you regret it’s more or less the kind you bask in. In fact that night I wasn’t able to get much sleep, but that’s okay.

Yesterday I woke up knowing that I had a day of running errands and completing odd task ahead of me. Not to mention one of the first things on my list was my mom’s doctor appointment.

Although my body felt the want to just sit in the car. My mind was made up and determined that I am going to succeed on this journey.

I took out my phone and decided to go for a short walk. Somehow I found myself brave enough to tackle the stairs head on.

Here’s a short clip of my walk

Dinner Unscripted

After a long day of pampering myself with a workout times two. Running errands, finishing up laundry, and driving my mom around. I realized that while my son’s dinner was prepped and ready to go. I had well enough run out of my own meals.

Normally this would have been well enough of an excuse to run out, and pick up something completely unhealthy. Opposed to giving up and giving in to what used to be my old self. I decided to make due with what was in the house, and something to cook up quick.

In my pantry I had canned artichoke, herbs, and some of my favorite spices. I ran out of egg whites, yet I had eggs, cubed cheese,onion, and loads of apples.

I decided to create an omelette cooking up the vegitables I had, covering it with my eggs and two small cubes of cheese (moment of transparency I love cheese).

I have no clue as to what I expected but not too bad. In fact I rather enjoyed it. Although last night’s dinner could have been a complete setback on my part.

Determination outweighed my thoughts, and I can say that it’s finally getting easier to make these choices.

That Extra Push

Today I got my workout done early, completed my errands, and finished laundry. After all of that I still managed to arrive to my son’s school early.

With an hour to spare I sat in the car. While communicating with someone I realized that I could also use this time to get in a bit of extra cardio.

I got out of the car with my phone and began to walk. I was so busy communicating that I didn’t realize how much I had walked.

Long story short what I meant to be a short brisk walked. Turned into a fourth minute walk extra cardio.

Thanks for the motivation