I embarked on a journey to better my health, loose weight, and improve my fitness level. No because so far this has been so much more than that.

This has been an overall life shaping journey where I’m being shaped into the person that God wants me to be

Amazing because once you embark on a journey where your learning and finding not only yourself but your purpose. The world through your eyes begins to look different.

Granted we’re all going through a lot right now. Things we never thought would or could happen are now taking place. The reality is that things are no longer the same.

This doesn’t change my perspective of my journey in fact it gives my journey more meaning. These are times that absolutely no one will forget. Stories of what is going on now will be shared for generations if God willing.

One of the key things I’ve learned on this journey is that you always start your week off with this thing called perspective.

My friends it’s Monday so take a step back before diving all into this week. Don’t focus on the amount of task or goals you must complete. Don’t focus on the lack of things you won’t be doing. Don’t focus on seeing the world a certain way because right now truth be told we all need to start and end our day with both the Word and prayer.

My friends take a step back today and change your perspective. Draw close to God in prayer and worship in fact this is how you start your day. Watch your week have just that much more meaning and don’t forget to dance but put on a smile while your doing it.

I challenge you to at least try it pray before you start your day this week. Pray for yourself, pray for your friends and family, pray for the world even those you might not be too fond of. What is it just a few moments of your time but you’ll feel that much better especially when it becomes a habit.

Pray ye one for another and don’t forget this thing called Perspective. Love you and here’s to the best week ever. Do something for someone who doesn’t have even if it’s a little thing smile 😊.

Redemption Through Peace

Life has made some major turns things we never considered have surfaced. Gods word warned us of such things but the reality is that we always think of tomorrow.

I recall a moment in life where I was working DTLA. Pushing Monday through Friday driving through heavy traffic which never let up.

To top it off I had my son who also had to be dropped off at school although it was DTLA. Our mornings started at 4:30am and with visiting my mom after work most days we didn’t make it home until late.

I often found myself rushing as I pulled into valet moving quickly making my way up the elevator before I was finally able to sit at my desk.

Wait a second because this was not living I was simply existing trying to make it from paycheck to paycheck only to give most of my funds to gas and bills.

The weekends well they were the weekends you know days where I went to the laundromat, grocery shopped, meal prepped, deep clean our place, and Sunday service.

With all of that going on I began to loose myself and site of things. It took Gods direction and calling me out of my job, home schooling my son, and relying on God for nearly everything.

In this moment pacing back and forth at home I finally got it. I stopped running, and in that very second of peace I received Gods redemption that he longed to give for so long.

For some reason I thought that DTLA was making me , that I was on my way to climbing the ladder, to sounding good when I told people where I worked, and looking good as I pulled out my driveway wee hours of the morning. Reality check and I hope someone catches this i was in bondage and wrapped in so much sin.

I wanted what those around me had so I found myself working hard for it. I was filled with words that were not wisdom as soon as a car cut me off. I found myself not being myself even in conversations around my job.

In all of this my redemption through peace was one of the greatest moments I cherish.

Be Careful Not To Sell Your Dreams….

Growing up I’ve always heard my mom say to be careful who you talk to in other words be mindful of who you tell your business.

I didn’t always understand this concept nor did I understand why she said it. Now that I’m older, I’ve been through some things, and life has played a role in shaping me. I now understand exactly what my mom meant because with age comes wisdom and understanding.

In life one would love to imagine that everyone is for us. Reality check not everyone who stands before you is for you.

In fact I’ve found this to be truer than true sometimes those standing before you and with you can actually be praying against you and your dreams.

Let’s face it even though it’s hard to take it better we get it done now. There are people who will gladly call you friend, chime in to see what your doing and what your up to. Be careful because often times those very people can be the ones going behind your back and praying against you.

In essence the very dream, vision, and goals you held as prize possessions can be tarnished, prolonged, and sometimes even ruined why because someone prayed against you.

It’s one thing to be on a journey and want to take people with you. Just know that there’s a huge difference in selling your dreams. Keep them to yourself, push harder than hard, stay focused, in prayer, and move to make your dreams come true.

Be careful not to sell your dreams, visions, and goals. Your very enemy could be lurking underneath your own shadow praying against you.

Many blessings to you all take care.

Fail2Gain Fitness Stay Motivated…….

Image taken from Fail2Gain Fitness Instagram Account

It’s been some days since I wrote about Fail2Gain Fitness. Nothing to it just that life happened and sometimes it requires you to take a step back.

I’m forever grateful because during these two weeks rest assured that Fail2Gain Fitness hit me up making sure I was okay and still pushing in this game.

It’s amazing knowing that no matter what challenges or obstacles life tosses at you. There are those who care enough to see to it that you keep your ball rolling, stay on path, and focused on your journey.

There is nothing to be accomplished without hard work, determination, and consistency even in the most trying times.

I’ve learned some things from Fail2Gain Fitness. Always keep your focus on your goal, never give up, be prepared, push hard no matter what, stay determined, be consistent, strive against the odds even if their telling you that you’ll never be able to do it.

When your trusting Fail2Gain Fitness with a part of your fitness and weight loss journey. Make no mistake about it they do not play take a look for yourself and check them out (Fail2Gain Fitness on Instagram).

Video taken from Fail2Gain Fitness Instagram account
Video footage taken from Fail2Gain Fitness Instagram Account

Not Without Challenges

This week has not been without challenges because I made a vow to myself to push hard with my workout, Intermittent fasting, and to give it my all.

Moment of reality a bit over a week ago we lost my uncle to COVID-19 . This has been hard but everyone copes in their own way.

These times have changed in what seems like overnight. The world we knew appears to be shifting into a world that we’ve all been warned of perhaps we never thought it would be in our time.

With this shift people are changing some for the good and some well they are changing. It’s crazy how fear and uncertainty can cripple an individual into reacting in ways one never thought possible.

Reality is that there is a God who governs this entire world. Over time we’ve allowed ourselves to become so self centered and focused on our own secret sins that sadly we often don’t acknowledge that nor do we see our sins as sins.

Seems to be that God is allowing things to happen. This shift and change all over the world because everyone has to know that he is God and ruler of all nations.

Every women, man, young and old has to be accountable for their actions. I’d be lying if I said that I myself have been without sin. Life itself and the choices we make are not without its challenges.

What I’ve learned is that I can do nothing on my own. Everything from waking up, working out, and making sure I worship and seek God first. I need this reminder even more so now knowing that especially in times like these we pray one for another.

Stay blessed, be encouraged, seek to change and inspire, but make sure you never give up. Ask yourself is there something personally I can change to make myself better and more attentive to Gods words.

Never Give Up

There is no journey without the push and struggle. I find it hard to accept the misconception that what we want is easy to achieve.

For some this might be true depending on ones status and who they know. For the average person who endures hardships, trials, tribulations, and hard times along the way this overall concept that what we want out of life comes easy is false advertisement.

There are those who wake up each day with only a dream from the night before of things they would love to accomplish. For whatever reason this dream of theirs appears to be far out of reach.

My thought was this no matter what never give up on yourself and the dream you want to accomplish. Storms sure they come and they go but the very impact of those storms as I’ve said before help to shape you into who you are.

Except the shaping and molding process. It’s okay to sit alone and cry your tears I’ve done so many times. There will be a day you can look back and then only then will you truly see Gods overall picture for your destiny.

Take care, stay blessed, help someone in need because we’ll never know when we ourselves will actually be the one needing. Smile, in spite of circumstances and conditions smile.


Yesterday I found myself in a conversation about the way people perceive you. In the middle of the conversation I was given sound advice. “Not everyone is going to like you, and you can’t like everyone”

I personally feel bad about this but in knowing that it upholds so much truth. I also understand that we can’t walk around this world harboring hatred, bitterness, anger, and envy. A bit of clarity because we all have choices to make and sometimes we choose the wrong one.

Fact is that the advice was sadly spot on. Not everyone is going to like you, and you can’t like everyone. This is a painful reality that is filled with truth.

Many prayers

Learn To Ignore Ignorance

Let’s face it you can’t possibly control people, their actions, their thoughts, their ways, nor their response to the things you say and write.

Reality is that there will be days where people will dislike you for no apparent reason knowing that they themselves don’t even know you.

I write to express how I feel, what I’m going through, and to share my journey with the world. As far as I am concerned I’m okay with that.

I’ve learned a sound lesson in life to focus on self and your own actions that is to be accountable for everything you say and do. Pray for the world because in trying times as such the world has become a wicked place and people are itching to be both sarcastic and hateful.

Above it all God commands us to love all including our enemies so we pray for everyone. To those who woke up with your day starting heavy I’m sorry, for those who have been carrying a burden on their shoulders I’m sorry, to those who find a need to be sarcastic and spiteful I’m sorry, and to those who simply feel a bit lost in a dark place in life I’m sorry.

Let no one feel as though they are less than or as though they have to resort to hateful tactics. I’m praying for everyone that you genuinely find your peace and happiness. That your able to move on with life in a happy time and place.

Find your source of peace and happiness and let it genuinely begin in you. Then may you spread your new found joy to a hurting world over.

Words Hit Hard

We don’t like to face it but there are times in life when words of wisdom, guidance, and truth hit hard.

Not only do they hit hard but they shine light on a dark path bringing forth reality. One can either accept them or overlook them in an angry dispute and pass them along.

What could have been an open door to correction, reproof, and wisdom perhaps has then been shut.

The fault lies completely in the field of the holder. So in words it’s important that we seek wisdom (direction), and maintain an open receptive heart.

Sometimes WORDS HIT HARD but what will you do with them and how will you react?