Breaking Old Habits

Tomorrow is a holiday and usually I would secretly end my diet leaving behind the hard work I struggled for. I would often find myself embarking on a new journey that somehow allows me to do what I want while expecting major results.

Okay so enough of the yo-yo affect time to break both old habits and traditions. I thought ahead and realized that I can beat this.

Instead of having the typical barbecue which includes a sauce loaded with sugar, a hefty portion of potatoes salad, and all of the fatty foods I’m used to having on holidays. I decided to prepare good food that’s good for you.

Protein, veggies, fruit, whole grain etc. you see this time around I’m determined to succeed by eating foods I love in a much healthier version.

Fail2Gain Fitness

Lately I’ve really been appreciating the support I’ve been getting from Fail2Gain Fitness. Yes they have always been full of support, but the amount of dedication is beyond amazing.

The results that I have received from working with them a little over a month has caused an even greater change in my son.

A little boy who loves to have fun like any other kid has stepped his game up. Thanks to Fail2Gain Fitness his perspective and outlook on his health and fitness has changed.

Each day now my son does his own fitness routine and gives it his all. Although he started out doing mine something inside of him changed.

Over the past few weeks he’s taken notice at the support and dedication I get from Fail2Gain Fitness . One day this past week he came to me, and told me that he was ready to do this on his own.

I asked my son what was his new motivation to create his own workout. My son looked at me and said that if Fail2Gain Fitness could do it then he could too. One thing I have learned for sure is that the day I reached out to Fail2Gain Fitness became the day I put not only myself but my son on the right track.

Thank you to those over at Fail2Gain Fitness for being a huge source of inspiration to a little boy.

Video taken from Fail2Gain Fitness Instagram

Go over to Instagram and check out their page

Deep In My Thoughts

I found myself sitting up just thinking about things, and all that’s going on. I don’t know why but a scripture taken from the Holy Bible was placed on my heart.

I turned to it and found myself deep in my thoughts. Thinking about life, thinking about the world, thinking about how quickly times seem to have changed.

I thought of how things would be if a day came when money meant absolutely nothing. Just like that those were my thoughts and I found myself reading the scripture once more.

After I read it I called my mom because I wanted to share it with her. I wanted to discuss this scripture in particular because talking to mom somehow helps.

Ezekiel 7:18-20 King James Version (KJV)

18 They shall also gird themselves with sackcloth, and horror shall cover them; and shame shall be upon all faces, and baldness upon all their heads.

19 They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

20 As for the beauty of his ornament, he set it in majesty: but they made the images of their abominations and of their detestable things therein: therefore have I set it far from them

Taken From Bible Gateway KJV

The Change In My Body

Laying down on my side while the breeze was coming in through the window. Looking at my son finding happiness in the midst of the worlds situation and dancing around.

I briefly caught a chill so I reached for the sheet. Somehow I brushed against my side and found myself completely surprised.

My side and stomach is changing and I live in this body every day and I can feel the difference. For the first time I felt as though there was less of me. I’m putting in a lot of hard work, sticking to a lifestyle change, and now physically I can touch my stomach and side and feel the change.

I’ve often heard it said that others can see the weight loss in you before you do. This couldn’t be any more true. I mean those close to me have taken notice and told me bout it. Although I could tell the difference in my lifestyle and I saw the difference in my dedication. This somehow was different which led me to standing in front of the mirror.

I thought of how my body has been through so many changes. I’ve gone through holding my son inside my womb for nine months to giving birth. Now here I was in front of the mirror looking at results that I could see. I found myself looking at a huge physical change in me.

When I think of the changes that are taking place now I get a feeling of gratitude. Happy that hard work and persistence is paying off. Elated for the amount of support that has been pouring in.

Thank you

Things Are Officially Different.

The much anticipated continuation of my workout routine was a success. Looking back at today I realize that things are different now.

I am giving this workout routine my all. Being honest roughly a year ago I was not able to do any of this. Half of the time I was out of breath trying to do anything, talk on the phone, climbing up the stairs, and even walking from point A to point B.

My body had gotten tired and beyond lazy. There were many times I found myself sitting down watching a fitness routine while eating fast food at the same time.

I’ve learned that life is about choices and no matter which choice you make there’s going to be some sort of aftermath. Here I am making choices as life would have it.

What am going to eat, will I workout today, how hard will I push myself, and am I serious enough to get this job done.

Today I felt and lived in the difference. I can breath, I’m doing workout that’s getting me in shape. Most of all I’m pushing hard, working with what I’ve got, and making this happen.

This Is It……….

This is it tomorrow is the big day week two of month two , and it’s okay it’s a good thing. I’ve spent the past few days preparing myself for this moment right here.

Four days on I mean four days of giving it my all then three days to take it light my workout sorry I’m rambling. Making sure that I understand the importance of getting the job done. Domeka you’re putting in work and your going to yield results.

I feel good, positive, hopeful, I know that I’m going to do this. I’ve done well so far, and now I’m more energized and goal oriented than before.

So tomorrow I’ll wake up and say a prayer. From there I won’t think twice because my body is used to it now.

A few months ago if someone would have told me that I’d be doing this I don’t know that I would believe it. Here it is the day has come I mean my season is here. I’m on it my journey, my story, and I’m sharing it.

I want to share this journey openly with the entire world. I know what it’s like to be that person who has dreams, and goals buried so deep down inside with no reason of really hoping and believing.

I want to help shine a light of hope across the open seas. When that person who feels lost and stranded at sea is bound to give up on themselves. I want them to see my light, a glimmer in the near distance and know that everything will be alright because prayer does change things.

I want my journey and words to comfort those who sit in their secret prison crying throughout their days and lonely nights.

I want to spark change in that person who feels as though the world is against them. Through my own personal journey, through prayer, and through hope.

Mentally Prepared For This Week.

Going into this journey no one told me that this lifestyle change would become the deeper part of me.

Reality is that I’m not the same person I was a little over a month ago. In fact so much of me has changed.

The way I think, the way I perceive things, my personal outlook on food and the way I prepare it. My body both physically and mentally.

This time my Sabbath was different because I spent time mentally preparing myself. Getting myself ready for the game plan.


Okay Domeka you have a game plan and we’re going to tackle it. Meal Prep, workout attire and equipment ready, daily fitness routine check off list good to go, alarm clock 4am fully activated, and remember that you can do this.

I can do this, no one is going to make my body move but me, this journey is a personal goal and I can reach this goal, I have what it takes to give this next hour or so all of me, I won’t give up, I won’t give in, I will go hard no matter what, I have done so well this far, just remember it’s for the greater cause a healthy version of me, take a deep breath, inhale, exhale, 1, 2, 3 no looking back because last month was a success but this month, this month, READY, SET, GO!!!!!!!!!

I want to thank everyone for their encouragement it is always greatly appreciated.


Wishing everyone a day of rest, peace, and tranquility. May you get a chance to sit and reflect away from the world . Grateful for all that you have and everyone around you.

Even during lockdown the week can bring a bit of rush. This here is the perfect time to sit and be still. Enjoy the company of yourself while taking in a deep breath, relaxing, and unwinding.

Taken from Google Images

Fail2Gain Fitness

Coming at you again with this amazing fitness trainer from Fail2Gain Fitness. Currently I’m working through my second month of training and I am loving it.

Now I’ve had a Fitness trainer or two in the past. Let me tell you it was nothing like what I’m receiving now. In my past it was obvious that the trainers didn’t care about me as a client. In fact the only thing I received was a rigged workout and a huge bill.

Since I’ve begun this journey to improve my health, improve my fitness levels, and loose weight so many changes have taken place. The way I view each day I’m no longer just viewing it, however I’m waking up first thing in the morning and taking charge I’m commanding my day by putting my all into my customized workout. I’m taking back my life in a much more healthier way thanks to Fail2Gain Fitness.

The amount of energy I now have has been well worth the effort I’m putting into my lifestyle change. I find that now my son and I are able to interact more our imaginations are endless. A huge part of this is a result of the training I’m receiving from Fail2Gain Fitness.

The way my son and I view food has been such a breakthrough. Thanks to the amazing trainer over at Fail2Gain Fitness. He has given us so many tips and tools for understanding how to make the right choices. Now we look forward to making healthy meals like breakfast which is something my son loves.

Not only has our breakfast routine changed, however the trainer has helped us to change our entire relationship and outlook on food.

If you ever have a chance check him out in fact you can easily go to his page Fail2Gain Fitness

Fail2Gain Fitness (Instagram)

Go on over and check out his page on Instagram it will be worth the look. Fail2Gain Fitness (Instagram) drop him a DM he’s very respectful and will respond. You won’t be sorry in fact you’ll thank yourself so go check him out.

Remember it’s never too late in your season to invest in you knowing that you are worth the investment.