A Rock In The Palm Of My Hand.

Didn’t realize that I had fallen asleep. My eyes were heavy and tired I felt like I hadn’t slept in weeks. My body felt drained, battered and bruised. Like I had nearly escaped a major battle, and between whom this I was unaware.

My right hand felt even heavier than my eyes. So I looked down and as I opened it I noticed a Black Rock in the very Palm of my hand.

How did you get there, and now that I’m recalling I’ve seen you many times before. I just don’t remember picking you up nor bringing you In.

You sat there at the entrance way every single day. Yes now I recall because I somehow managed to look at you thinking that you were odd.

So to have you in my hand as close as anything could ever be. This very thought or action is fourign to me.

Then one day I looked up and you were gone. That’s when a voice spoke and said that you had come from far, far away.

A place where it had been forever since man’s eyes have seen it, forever since man’s hands have touched it. Forever since man’s foot stood on it’s sacred grounds.

So how exactly did you find me, and even more so where have you gone.

Tranquil Waters

I was walking when I stumbled across a river. The body of water was still with just a bit of shimmer.

Completely surrounded by trees and an endless brick wall. I somehow managed to feel calm and safe.

I found myself perched against a tree which was overlooking the river. Tall, stern, full of wisdom.

I began to wonder about the things and people both this river and tree have seen.

What is it like to be the river so full of tranquility. Having heard and seen everything throughout the ages. Still it manages to beat strong and remains so full of beauty.

I applied this concept to myself in my mind as I sat there just looking. Enjoying the presence of myself and nature.

Realizing that on my journey it’s important to remember that no matter what I go through. Remaining calm and at peace with myself is a core key to my success.

It’s amazing what we can learn from nature God’s creation. All we have to do is take the time out and appreciate it for what it is.

Tranquility can be found in anything. So long as we take the time to stop, think, breath, and be. Enjoy life around us and appreciate it for what it is.

The bird that chirps while flying in the air. The breeze that kisses your skin with songs of life and love as it passes through. The clouds in the sky on a cloudy day. The raindrops falling from the sky gently touching your face.

The smell of flowers as they blossom and bloom. The sound of people walking by just making their way through. The very heartbeat inside of you with every second that you breath.

Tranquility is all around us if we just stop and appreciate the life that we live. Well find ourselves more in tuned to who we are. Realizing that were able to achieve anything.

Stand And Fight

I’ve been that person running away from my fears. Every corner I turned led me to another corner. With each second I ran, my feet, body, and mind got tired. Somehow I managed to keep on running.

I always had this vision of a huge yellow snake. Everyone who knows me knows I can’t stand the thought of snakes. So why the visions and why keep running from something I don’t understand.

It took years of endless running and countless unknown fears. At some point God began to deal with me and my fears. Here’s the thing I had to stop running and face my Giants (yellow snake).

My fears were always going to be fears unless I faced them. My feet were always going to run even without my sense of direction. I would always be tired.

God’s message was firm and clear. In him I could have peace and stand and fight. Once I learned to do this I gained back my peace and no longer ran. My fear was no longer a fear the giant was slayed.

Trusting When Trust Is Gone

You ever sit and reflect on life, and all of the good times that you’ve come across. Then remind yourself of all the crap you’ve gone through.

Wondering how you made it through such a dark season, and somehow managed to make it back to the light.

Did you find yourself realizing that because of your past your trust levels were below zero. How did you get through that, and what was the ultimate motivation to trust when all your trust was gone.

I personally believe that we’ve all been here at some point in our lives. I believe that God becomes our source of strength and salvation.

In moments when we think that no one cares. In our moments when we feel as though no one around us understand. Our moments when we get that feeling deep down inside of us that everyone around us can’t be trusted.

Here’s the thing we don’t think about. It takes trust for us to call out to God to heal our broken wounds. Each step after that is a step of trust. So even when we feel as though all trust is gone.

That is the moment that trust actually begins.

Breaking Boundaries

It takes courage to do something unfamiliar, and to tackle an idea that is new to you. To surround yourself with thoughts and concepts that others might label as insane. But through it all it’s you being you.

The important thing is that you remain true to who you are in this process. No amount of words nor distraction should ever move you from being you.

Being yourself and who you were created to be is an art process. A process that requires the boldness to break boundaries.

Boundaries were meant to be broken.

Grocery shopping

I stepped out to the store today after being in the house for nearly two weeks. I’m greatful to be home with my son, and I’m thankful that God continues to provide for us especially during these trying times.

As I was shopping I realized how easy it is for people to overshop to the extreme. I for one actually enjoy being able to purchase extra items for my freezer and pantry.

The concept I struggle with is not looking out for each other. People shoving, pushing, grabbing, and taking as much as they could.

This has become a problem in more ways than one. The elderly were struggling with getting anything, because their strength might not compare to that of an average adult.

Basic necessities have been ripped from shelves, and everyday stores have begun price gouging.

When I got back to my own neighborhood I was happy that things were a little different. Social distance was enforced, and people respected each other enough to only take what they needed.

An eventful grocery store run, but a lot was learned. May this teach us a lesson to not just focus on self, but to take into consideration those around us.

We can begin to function more as a whole opposed to everyone for themselves lesson gained and lesson learned.

Workout Levels Up

Today I began a new workout routine. Mentally I sat for a minute before beginning, because I wanted to convince both mind and body that I could get through it.

Looking at the list I thought to myself yes it looks hard, yes it’s more challenging than anything you’ve ever done, but then I paused. Realizing that there are no buts, and that I was either going to do it or not.

I got up put my music on prayed and asked God to help me see it through and not give up. Through all of the pain, through the shakes, and battling of my thoughts I found myself convincing myself that I could do it.

I told myself each step of the way that it was a part of the process I had to complete. I told myself with each move I made that I only needed one more.

Before I new it I was done thank God for perseverance, because this workout was a step up. Now this workout is complete for the day.

Eating Healthier With Shopping Restrictions.

Today’s happenings have created strict shopping restrictions. No matter where you go things are either limited or they simply don’t have them.

Not to mention the price gouging that really isn’t supposed to be going on. If your anything like myself you really have a desire to eat healthy but for some reason challenges are always present.

It could even be a challenge of finances, because in todays world groceries aren’t always cheap. So when your faced with uncontrollable circumstances begin to focus on that which you can.

I found myself seeking God and praying about wanting to change but not having the means. From there I began to look at the things I had available to me.

Shopping at dollar stores, seeking out the mid week produce sales, and buying my meat from my low cost community markets opposed to high in stores.

I also found it easier to always purchase a little bit more of non perishables when I found them at a decent price.

We can also control how we prepare our foods, because let’s be honest cooking oil is sometimes an extra expense. We can opt out and choose to bake, and steam our food. These are all much healthier choices.

Since money can sometimes be an issue. Let’s think about it we might not need those chips, cookies, fatty deserts were used to gravitating too. Not to mention that minimizing how much of these things we buy can actually save on our bill.

We might not have access to it all but if we cut our portions down, and begin to change our perspective of how we shop and prepare our food. We will actually surprise ourselves at how much change can happen.

When Working Out Is Done At Home.

For the past year I’ve paid for a gym membership which I’ll be honest I rarely used.

Now that I’m on this journey to better myself, and the world has seemingly been placed on hold. I’ve come to grips that working out in home is actually okay.

I enjoy the fact that I can get up from bed and instantly get a good stretch in. I enjoy having my son home because he’s become my best workout buddy.

Much like the gym my options are endless, and I’m working with what I have. If your someone who has longed to work on yourself, and join the gym but in reality you might not have the funds.

It’s okay because you can actually workout at home. Look around and begin to count your options you can do this I believe in you.