A Gentle Nudge

It was late and the house was silent I was the only one awake. I knew that there were things I needed to get done and this was the only time that I could do them. It was a bit after 11pm I recall looking at the clock and then the phone rang.

I remember looking at the phone and thinking that it would be best for me to ignore and return the call in the morning. I figured that it would allow me to complete what I needed to do.

One thing is certain I am overjoyed that I took the time to answer the phone. It was a friend whom I have known for so many years, so I typically don’t mind the late-night calls. We embarked on a call that lasted 3 hours and so much was said.

I find it amazing and wonderful to have such a friend who is so wrapped around God no matter their own present circumstances. I am thankful for the obedience in the call and the conversation we had that night well into the morning.

So much came out of that conversation and one thing is certain. This journey/Lifestyle Change which I have embarked on is important in so many ways.

Out of that conversation came so much about my journey and my health. I am thankful that God loves me and cares so much that he places my name on someone’s heart and we can have important conversations that lead to so much clarity and change.

I know that my journey is about to take a step up I am about to UPGRADE this journey. If you’re reading this and you have been here to support me thorough this so far, I thank you so much it is greatly appreciated, and nothing has gone unnoticed.

I began this journey in September of 2021 yes, I have had my ups and I have also had my downs. I have had very proud moments, yet I have had setbacks and roadblocks as well. For what it is worth I have not given up instead I am pushing forward and evolving as God directs my change.

I started this journey in September 2021 (Image on the right) this is an update of my progress on the left

6 thoughts on “A Gentle Nudge”

  1. Glad you answered the phone. 😮 you look marvelous. Thank you for the inspiration again. My doctor was not pleased today that I have not lost weight. I needed your photos for encouragement. Keep up the great work, Domeka.


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