Today I Did It

I must admit that at this point I am very proud of me. I have come a long way from being the person I was. Out of energy, out of breath, struggling to make it up my flight of stairs. Great things happen when you decided that you’re ready to make a change for the better.

Lately I have been looking at my body in the mirror a lot. I am seeing some beautiful changes. My sides have gone in and although my stomach is not where I want it, I love the fact that it’s going down. Last year I used to look at myself and I will tell you that sometimes it was a bit hard.

I had let my body get completely out of shape and I had put on so much weight. I started this journey weighing 456 pounds and I was hurt but more so determined to change and get this weight off of me.

I have struggled since starting this journey because I have a scale that goes up a little bit over 400 pounds. Each time I stepped on the scale it read the word ERROR. You see for the longest I tried lying to myself and saying that perhaps the scale was just broken. Reality was that I had outgrown the actual scale.

I figured that I would wait until I went back to the doctor in June to weight myself again. It’s just that there was something inside of me saying that I cannot wait that long and since you’re following this journey you should not wait to hear about my progress either.

Since starting this journey I have contemplated buying a new scale that goes up to 500 pounds. I searched and searched but had a hard time finding one, and so I kept giving up. This evening was different I sat doing my worship and it was on my heart to look again.

This time I looked and found one for a very reasonable price. I am so excited to receive the scale and begin to track my progress with you all once a month. To anyone who is following this journey thank you I appreciate you all.

2 thoughts on “Today I Did It”

  1. ❤️🌹🌷💐I am with you in spirit, I wish I could support you more, but I gladly read and follow your posts. Some how I have missed you on Instagram. Are you still posting there?


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