Stepping Into Boldness

Growing up I was always that girl who was shy and afraid to really say or do much. I was so self-conscious and afraid of others’ views and opinions of me. Lately I have been stepping into this journey more than I could ever have imagined.

I have pushed past this journey more than I could ever know from how I dress, to posting my vlogs and workout videos on YouTube, even to the pictures and clips I post across social media.

I pray that one day my story and journey will inspire so many more to step out and step into themselves. I pray that it encourages so many to just go ahead and embark on that journey that they have been contemplating for so many years.

I want people to know that fear can only do as much as you allow it. Inhale the fresh air, feel the sun on your skin, and the breeze that brushes across your cheek. Thats life and it’s okay to live it loving yourself whole heartedly.

I might not be where I want to be, but I am overjoyed knowing that I am changing my overall lifestyle and creating healthy habits. I am letting go of all the negative ways and traits that I held onto my entire life the things that don’t serve me. I have carried this burden for far too long and it’s official it is time to let it go and live the way that God intended.

Last week taught me a lot but one thing that really stands out is this right here. There will be days when you feel as though you don’t want to do the thing or things that you have to do for your journey. I personally have had those days so trust me I know.

What matters is that in spite of how you feel you rise up against your personal feelings and do what it is you need to do. There have been days where I did not want to work out and I literally waited until the end of the day. At some point I reminded myself of why I embarked on this journey and how much it means to me.

On those days I find that sitting in silence, prayer, and worship helps me to get the motivation I need the most. In life we have choices that is always the same, but what matters the most is that we learn to appreciate who we are and embark on the path that we need without the fear of wondering what others think.

Embrace and love you that makes your journey worth more than you could ever know.


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