Life Happens

No matter what happens in life we adapt and push forward. I have been away from some time trying my hardest to figure this journey out.

This was the start of my journey

I’ve lived a good portion of my life overweight. I guess what I had to grow into was a lifestyle change.

Learning the ropes with kettlebells

I feel as though each time I have tried to loose weight some distraction has managed to come along. In my past when life threw curveballs I typically missed and sat the game out.

This season is different because I am determined to win. I have been active with my Journey aside from life’s distractions.

It takes pure tenacity to see a lifestyle change all the way through. I have gotten back in the routine of Meal Prepping, weekly grocery hauls, and watching the foods that I eat.

11 thoughts on “Life Happens”

    1. Hey Jessy, I am doing well I had to take time out to focus on a few things. I miss reading all of your post and cannot wait to catch up. How has everything been with you?


      1. I totally understand that. I have not written as regularly myself. It’s really good to see you back. Things are okay. You know how life is, full of ups and downs, but God is faithful!

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