For Years I sat

November 10, 2021 7:59 am

I was sitting here helping my son with some of homeschooling before the day really starts. For some reason I found myself asking God what he wanted me to say. You see perhaps you may have noticed that aside from yesterday I was absent from blogging for roughly a week.

There are times in life when God will have you sit down and remain silent so to speak, and well that was the case here. I was able to post on other platforms however I was told to remain silent here. Yesterday I broke my silence with a scripture well the entire chapter really and it was Psalm 18 (kjv).

Today I feel as though God is leading me to tell my truth so perhaps someone needs to hear this.

For years I ran out of fear I knew that both the enemy and his workers of iniquity were trailing me. I am thankful though that although I went through this ordeal God never left my side even when I felt all alone surrounded by darkness.

I was terrified of snakes and somehow the enemy always tossed that fear in face I mean literally. One day I was at work and someone came to my job with a huge yellow snake.

Image result for huge yellow snake
Taken from Google images

So what did I do of course I ran from there as well and not long after I left my job. Leaving stopped nothing because the torment continued. Darkness, despair, demons you name it because I saw it and lived through it. During this time I asked, I yelled, and I cried out of fear, tiredness, and loneliness I wanted to know why this was happing to me.

There were times when the enemy would speak to me telling me things that he knew would place more fear in me. I longed to tell people what I was going through but truth was it was witchcraft I mean down right voodoo which was being performed against me.

There was a moment when my neighbor came to my door and handed me her phone. I was puzzled because one I never had her phone number, and two how would anyone think to contact me on a neighbors phone. When I answered it was a lady with a strong accent she told me “He said no matter what you sit there until he is ready for you”.

I remained puzzled for years after that incident happened but it was not until recently that I realized my neighbor was one of individuals praying against me by praying I mean witchcraft. So much happened during these years that I was being tormented but one thing remains that God was always there with me.

I never understood why I was allowed to go through all of this each time I came across someone who was into pure darkness and I knew that they were praying against me. I saw things that most would be terrified of and at some point God helped to build me up so that I would not fear as he commands us to FEAR NOT.

There is so much more to this because even after I left that job which I had held for over ten years. I landed a job DTLA (Down Town Los Angeles) and as you may have guessed it yes I was followed there as well. Strange things were happing such as the light on the inside of my car being turned on. I was finding things in my mailbox, a black onyx stone which was placed at the end of my drive way and the list goes on.

I am thankful that God taught me not to fear even if it took me years to learn this lesson. I learned to see with spiritual eyes and the importance of fighting in the spiritual realm. Our prayer life and worship life is important and something that we must do daily.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but you are not alone and I don’t care what the world says because I understand what is real. As followers of God we must learn to pray without ceasing, we must worship God endlessly.

This is a battle where Gods strength is needed more than ever so let us put on the full armor daily and not abide by the worlds standards. Remember that for every two lies there is one truth God.

If no one has told you God loves you and so do I

Darkness does not have to prevail over and in your life because God is the ultimate source of light. At the end of it all even darkness will bow to God and worship him.

So let us humbly fall to our knees before his throne…………

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