Yesterday’s Update

November 1, 2021 7:11 am

First and foremost Happy New Month and I pray that it is your best month ever. Happy writing and many more memories and stories to be shared I for one am excited to read them all.

Yesterday we woke up to the smell of food and my mom having somewhat of a medical crisis. We drove out to Urgent Care understanding that she has underlining medical issues I wanted to get it checked out. Let me tell you I was excited as we drove through the parking lot only to see that it was empty. I mean we all know that an empty parking lot means that it wont be that crowded.

I was only surprised, shocked, and then not so much after we hit the corner and were greeted with a line outside of the other end of the parking lot.

The sight was actually a bit sad once you thought about it and took it all in. So many people not feeling well and needing help and this thought made me think of how great full we are to have Gods comfort and guidance. It was decided that instead of waiting in urgent care all day we would stand fast on our activated faith and leave.

As we drove away my mom sighed with a moment of relief because the only thing she wanted at that moment was to make it to church on time. That very thought in my mind spoke loud and clear at the amount of faith and dedication my mom has to God and I love it.

As the day went on I was constantly reminded of my mom and her health issues. Even though she suffers from pain and the very knowing that things are going on. My mom is always up and ready to do what needs to be done, and I never hear her say no she pushes through. It is in the process of that very doing that she looks at me and says “Meka things have to be done, and mamma is not here to do them.”

Thank God for mothers even when they are gone their strength and teachings still remain within us and the things that we do.

If no one has told you God loves you and so do I

8 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Update”

      1. Oooh No! You know what? I leant from my Pastors that take note of the areas you are having so much attacks .Chances are that’s an area God has given you so much grace .The enemy’s assignment is sow seeds of doubt in that area.
        For me it was the area of marriage. As a young man i struggled to find a good wife but when i did hmmmm…let me end there i thought i should share that with you as well.

        You might even think of writing a book.


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