So This Happens

October 31, 2021 8:35 am

It’s that day come on we all know what today is, but its also my brothers birthday so happy birthday to him. I woke up this morning to my mom banging pots and pans in the kitchen. The smell of fresh made chicken and dumpling’s, a fresh baked homemade cake, and my mom humming to an old school worship song. Mind you all that it was not even 6am yet, but that is my mom and I love her.

To make sure I asked her if I really heard her humming or if I made that part up. She said that she was and that made me happy because I know my mom. Good to know that I actually heard her humming and that it was not my imagination.

Chicken and dumpling’s is one of my brothers favorite meals in fact my mom makes it for him every year. I however well lets just say that I would not miss it if it were not on the table. If I had to have it I loved the quick version that my grandma always made. Sorry but I cant give you all the recipe I mean I tried but my mom made me take it out so now that its final lets move on.

Though it is early and were full of laughter of memories, and making memories things happen. I went and sat on my moms bed as she had already made her way back to her room. As she looked up I quickly took notice of her eye.

My mom is seriously a trooper and she continues to march on. I am certain that she never said anything because its my brothers birthday. I looked at my moms eye and please do not underestimate when I tell you that her eye is literally blood shot red. It does not look good, so I stopped the conversation we were having and I prayed. Understanding that God knows our every footstep and knowing that he understood today before we did.

Well you all here goes today I have placed the results of this outcome in Gods hands now I am taking her to Urgent Care.

If no one has told you God loves you and so do I.