The Power Of Words

The more and more I focus and push on this journey. The more I realize how important prayer is.

I mean I’ve always known the importance of prayer. Now it really is hitting different than the past.

This journey requires so much of my faith and trust in God. No one absolutely no one has ever said it would be easy.

Time, perseverance, consistency, determination, and hard work. In all reality this journey requires tenacity.

I find that on the days I wake up, surrender, and command my morning with God. On those days God helps me to completely command my day.

I’ve said this time and time again. Being obese is like any other addiction, because a lot of times it’s an abusive relationship with food but where did that relationship come from.

Not to say that this abusive relationship occurred overnight. In all do respect at least for myself it took time.

In being honest my first source of contamination with obesity actually started with words.

There were times I recall being teased and talked about because of my butt, my legs, or whatever.

Those words became a seed which was planted, and over time it became powerful. It was in my thinking and focusing on the words that were said which opened the door to over eating.

Words are powerful and they can either build up or completely rip a person a part.

If we’re constantly talking down to someone. Telling them what they cannot do by all means they won’t think they can do it.

If we’re constantly calling someone names by all means they will think that they are exactly that.

In the end the person becomes that which we’ve spoken over their lives. We drove those negative words in deep over time. We planted the seed that begins to grow.

Just the other night God woke me up in my sleep. God spoke and commanded me to do something.

The other night God spoke and said

“Do not let them speak death over you”

Wow God knew that the enemy was using people to speak death over my life. God spoke and commanded me not to allow it to be so.

If no one has told you God loves you and so do I.

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