Craving Plant Based

October 20, 2021 7:59 am

Lately I have been craving plant based foods which I don’t think is that bad. I completely understand that I need protein for this journey, and I am taking it in. Funny thing because God will lead you in the direction that you need to go, and provide you with all of your needs.

Seeing how I have not been taking in a large amount of meat for my protein source. I recently went to local store and came across some really good finds. I found some plant based meat replacement, and I also found some pretzels which are plant based (made with lentils etc.)

God has been placing it on my heart to take in natural foods, and when I say natural I mean fruits, vegetables, nuts, legume’s, and fish. I am learning day by day completely overjoyed with God directing, teaching, and leading me on this journey.

So to this plant based thing I am loving it, and you know now that I recall. My mom made something using ground turkey the other day. I tried to eat some of it but I found myself a bit thrown off with the meat itself. It was the texture which just did not sit well with me, and perhaps that is because of the direction that God is leading me in.

We might not always know why God leads us to do something, but when God does we better make sure that we do it. It is for the better of our good, and the more we resist the worse things can become with us. so leaning more towards plant based with my fruits, vegetable’s, nuts, legume’s, and lets not forget my fish it is.

If no one has told you God loves you and so do I………………

Stay Blessed……………

1 thought on “Craving Plant Based”

  1. I’m apologizing…don’t know how I missed your posts!
    Strangely I had the same craving you had and I think that caused the breakthrough on my journey🧡 keep going 👢


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