Non Scale Victory

October 16, 2021 8:54pm

When it comes to being overweight there are a lot of disadvantages. One problem I’ve had was with my truck.

Prior to starting this journey I always found myself raising my steering wheel. Not only would I raise it but I had to raise it as high as it could go.

At times I would allow my brother to drive. The problem with that is he’s not overweight at all. My brother always lowered the steering wheel.

Fat people problems no wait it was my problem and yes I’m overweight. Today I had to run an errand and we decided to stop off and pick up my brother.

When my brother got out of the truck. I was not thinking and the steering wheel was lowered. I slid right in, and in fact I drove without realizing what victory was just accomplished.

When I got to my mom’s house I was shocked. I was excited and I realized that my hard work is paying off. Now I no longer have to raise the wheel because I can fit in.

Small none scale victories and we’re accomplishing them one step at a time.

If no one has told you God loves you and so do I stay blessed.

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