Facing Adversity

It never fails that when you set standards for whatever journey your on adversity comes your way.

I woke up this morning eager to vlog and post it on YouTube. I had everything set up correctly and ready for success.

In reality I began preparing for today yesterday because I wanted it to go well. To top it off a long standing silence between my neighbor seemingly ended.

One thing for some reason seemed off. While we all stood out congratulating my neighbors daughter on a job well done Landing her first job. Deep in my heart there was one person whom I could tell was far from happy.

The thought of us living in peace well we lived in peace but for some time there was no communication. This thought of everyone being happy didn’t appear to go over easy with her mom.

A lady who for years took pride in saying how she stays in her word and was quickly to share her scriptures has somehow begun to show a different side of herself.

Long story short after I went inside she was pacing up and down our stairs chanting perhaps this was praying I don’t know. What I do know is that growing up we were taught to try the spirit by the spirit.

I firmly believe that the more you draw yourself closer to God the more God will show you who your dealing with.

The more and more I push myself on this journey the more I notice things. If I’m vlogging she comes outside and walks through my vlog.

If I’m working out she finds a reason to come outside. In fact each time I work out she goes out later and begins to pace the very grounds I worked out on back and forth.

This morning I woke up ready to vlog. The weight dropped on my foot (driving foot) and prevented me from doing so.

Lesson learned I can only focus on what I can do at the moment. Today working out is not doable. I went shopping and purchased myself salads, fruits, and nuts.

Last night in my worship and prayer God reminded me that by his stripes I am healed.

Blessings to everyone

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