Walking While Overweight

This post has been a long time coming, because for the past few years I ran from the calling God placed on my heart. I finally decided to face my fears and do what it is God has instructed me to do so many times. I have created a YOUTUBE channel yup I sure did and you know what thinking back that first step was actually not so bad.

I hid behind closed doors thinking that I could always do it some other time, but funny thing. When God calls you to it please understand that in spite of the funny feeling of doubts you may have you are more than ready.

Now that I have taken the first step which was the hardest I know that this I can do. Sure there will be times that I fall or feel as though I am not doing good enough. Over time I will learn as I go and as I go I will grow.

If you do not mind please watch my YOUTUBE video, give it a like, leave a comment and subscribe because I promise there is so much more to come.

Walking While Overweight Is No Joke – YouTube

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