Missing The City Lights

Every day I step out and a part of the world reminds me of how quickly times have changed.

I recall in 2019 before the virus being able to drive and see the lights from the high rise buildings Downtown LA.

The past few months things have been so different. My son and I have taken notice that we no longer see buildings full of lights. Rather we see buildings……..just buildings.

These buildings they all look tall……very tall and empty……. they definitely look empty even from miles and miles away. Dim they look dim……..no lights on at all. Abandoned……as though no one has been there for ages.

Sometimes I sit and catch myself wishing things could be back to norm. I close my eyes and daydream about the things I did last year and prior to the pandemic. No matter what it always brings a smile to my face.

Deep in my heart I know that God remains in control. Even in a season when we cannot see.

Love life, love always, dream and do, help someone in need.

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