A Walk In The Park

Yesterday I was able to walk in the park. It felt great being able to take my time, stop look at the trees, watch the birds in the sky, glance at the dogs that were in the park.

These are days that one can never forget. Moments away from the new norm and time to walk and take in Gods creation. At the end of the day I stopped off at the gas station where I saw a homeless man. As I came out of the gas station he sat on the ground with an older lady it was obvious that they had no home.

As I got into the car I stopped myself and just looked. I smiled and greeted them both telling them to have a blessed night. Even then I couldn’t go I just wanted to look amazed at their spirits and wondering how a world so big could have anyone being homeless.

As I was getting ready to shut my door I heard the man call the older women Mom. I sat with no words my heart………my heart.

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