Sunny Days

Lately we’ve been having sunny days. The things I miss the most are my long walks on the beach, my days outside in the sun having endless conversations with mom, and casual drives with no destination.

Get out just for a second take a deep breath and remind yourself that God has created another day keep moving forward God is in control.

4 thoughts on “Sunny Days”

  1. It’s so hard to see sunny days
    The weatherman didn’t speak of the thunderstorms
    Yet here it is 91 with pouring rain
    My sun now covered by clouds
    My heart now in sync with the thunderous boom that shakes the skies
    But what I feel most is the rain
    The rain now covers my face
    And my face is covered in pain
    Enjoy your sunny days
    Take advantage of every moment you can
    Embrace the love of our main energy source as best you can

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