Meal Prep Prepping

One thing I’ve learned is that meal prepping helps me on my journey. Having my meals planned out, cooked, and prepped in their containers sets me up for a successful week.

I’ll be honest I’ve had times when I was not set for the week. I find that in those times my journey becomes a bit more challenging. It becomes easier for me to make mistakes such as eating out or picking up food that is completely unhealthy.

This week in my meal preparation I wanted to incorporate plant based meals with a bit of protein from meat. I’m in a point in life when I don’t necessarily have to have meat with each meal.

In doing my research I found some amazing recipes. Not only we’re the recipes amazing but if your on a budget these meals will totally work for you.

Today I took time out to prep the things I have to cook tomorrow. I washed, cleaned, and chopped all of my vegetables. I cooked up all of my whole grains and pre measured them out.

Looking forward to this week of incorporating mostly plant based meals.

Stay blessed, have an amazing week, and remember to help someone in need no matter how small the deed.