That Moment You Realize

I’ve been on this journey for some time now. Going into it I didn’t really expect a lot from those around me because I know that life gets busy.

No matter what my family and friends were doing or had going on I always support them and believe in them knowing that sometimes it’s the small words or gestures that give us an extra push.

In the begging I would reach out to family and friends each day. I would send them text messages letting them know that I had a blog posted.

It was something I did out of habit wanting to share my journey with the people I love. Although I didn’t always here back from them I didn’t give up.

That moment you realize that people are actually paying attention to what you do. A moment of motivation to continue on.

Recently I received a message from a family member encouraging me to continue. I was so surprised when I was told that she reads my blog all of the time and assuring me that she wanted to catch up.

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