100 Days

I teamed up with a vlogger for 100 days of fitness. The thing is that I’ve followed her YouTube channel for a few years and I find her current journey so inspirational.

There have been both ups and downs but one thing remains. No matter how many times she doesn’t complete her goals she picks herself up and continues to run the race.

This alone gives my journey so much more meaning. I’ve had both good and bad days. I’ve had both success and failure. I’ve also learned that it takes hard work, dedication, and determination to see it through.

I would not be telling the truth if I said that this is my first time on this journey. Reality is that each time I’ve tried it in the past something always went wrong. It was always some attack on my body, and these were typically serious injuries which took time to heal.

I had to realize and understand that when your pushing to better yourself you are always going to encounter a problem. You can’t win a battle if your not prepared to fight.

Being overweight is not easy but neither is fixing the problem that caused one to be overweight. Let’s face it although it often seems like we gain our weight overnight this is far from the truth. In fact it takes bad habits and the time necessary to both shape and mold them.

I must admit that I’m thankful for the way things turned out. My past has created determination for the present and my future. I’m happy knowing that I’m sharing my story with the world and that somewhere someone is getting inspired.

You’ll never know who needs to listen to the story you have to tell stay blessed and keep creating your story.