Don’t Let The Moment Make You………..

I saw a homeless man on the side of the road. Cars just drove by I mean some even stopped but not for the homeless man.

The anticipation of the world reopening has a lot of people on edge. Being bottled up for months kinda does things to people but then again damage was already done by the world.

This homeless man has lots of things that he must have worked so hard to collect. Most would say that his things are just trash you know Knick knacks. To this man whom I don’t know his name these are more than just knock knacks these are things he values.

Then I saw a family stop for the taco truck which was parked just across the street. My eyes moved back in the direction of the homeless man whom I walk from out of a tarp covered “home”, past a clothing rack he’d hung some clothes on, and to a bucket full of water.

There he kneeled down to wash out what appeared to be a shirt. To him it didn’t matter that people were passing by because this was his home. I continued to watch and after washing his shirt he hung it on the rack to dry. When he was done washing his shirt he took a different bucket of water and poured it onto the ground and he slowly walked and grabbed a broom to gently sweep the sidewalk clean.

I looked at this man I mean I really had to pause and look. There was a lesson to be learned here because no matter how bad his circumstances were as a homeless man he did not allow it to bring his spirits down.

Was this man homeless well from the world’s perspective yes he was. Real moment of truth home is where the heart is and from the looks of it he understood that.

The next time you feel as though nothing is going right in your world take a moment, make sure you remember that conversation about perspective, and change your overall attitude about your circumstances.

Don’t allow a bad moment in life to make you. You take that moment and make your circumstances work for you.

Have a blessed week, help someone in need no matter how small the deed, smile, and know that everything is going to be okay.

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