I embarked on a journey to better my health, loose weight, and improve my fitness level. No because so far this has been so much more than that.

This has been an overall life shaping journey where I’m being shaped into the person that God wants me to be

Amazing because once you embark on a journey where your learning and finding not only yourself but your purpose. The world through your eyes begins to look different.

Granted we’re all going through a lot right now. Things we never thought would or could happen are now taking place. The reality is that things are no longer the same.

This doesn’t change my perspective of my journey in fact it gives my journey more meaning. These are times that absolutely no one will forget. Stories of what is going on now will be shared for generations if God willing.

One of the key things I’ve learned on this journey is that you always start your week off with this thing called perspective.

My friends it’s Monday so take a step back before diving all into this week. Don’t focus on the amount of task or goals you must complete. Don’t focus on the lack of things you won’t be doing. Don’t focus on seeing the world a certain way because right now truth be told we all need to start and end our day with both the Word and prayer.

My friends take a step back today and change your perspective. Draw close to God in prayer and worship in fact this is how you start your day. Watch your week have just that much more meaning and don’t forget to dance but put on a smile while your doing it.

I challenge you to at least try it pray before you start your day this week. Pray for yourself, pray for your friends and family, pray for the world even those you might not be too fond of. What is it just a few moments of your time but you’ll feel that much better especially when it becomes a habit.

Pray ye one for another and don’t forget this thing called Perspective. Love you and here’s to the best week ever. Do something for someone who doesn’t have even if it’s a little thing smile 😊.

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