Redemption Through Peace

Life has made some major turns things we never considered have surfaced. Gods word warned us of such things but the reality is that we always think of tomorrow.

I recall a moment in life where I was working DTLA. Pushing Monday through Friday driving through heavy traffic which never let up.

To top it off I had my son who also had to be dropped off at school although it was DTLA. Our mornings started at 4:30am and with visiting my mom after work most days we didn’t make it home until late.

I often found myself rushing as I pulled into valet moving quickly making my way up the elevator before I was finally able to sit at my desk.

Wait a second because this was not living I was simply existing trying to make it from paycheck to paycheck only to give most of my funds to gas and bills.

The weekends well they were the weekends you know days where I went to the laundromat, grocery shopped, meal prepped, deep clean our place, and Sunday service.

With all of that going on I began to loose myself and site of things. It took Gods direction and calling me out of my job, home schooling my son, and relying on God for nearly everything.

In this moment pacing back and forth at home I finally got it. I stopped running, and in that very second of peace I received Gods redemption that he longed to give for so long.

For some reason I thought that DTLA was making me , that I was on my way to climbing the ladder, to sounding good when I told people where I worked, and looking good as I pulled out my driveway wee hours of the morning. Reality check and I hope someone catches this i was in bondage and wrapped in so much sin.

I wanted what those around me had so I found myself working hard for it. I was filled with words that were not wisdom as soon as a car cut me off. I found myself not being myself even in conversations around my job.

In all of this my redemption through peace was one of the greatest moments I cherish.

8 thoughts on “Redemption Through Peace”

  1. Cherishing post.Most of the time my same experience as I follow the same routine from day to day.Only God can reveal this to us and break the cycle .you’re giving me some idea about where we think our empire should be.Thank you .❤

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