Be Careful Not To Sell Your Dreams….

Growing up I’ve always heard my mom say to be careful who you talk to in other words be mindful of who you tell your business.

I didn’t always understand this concept nor did I understand why she said it. Now that I’m older, I’ve been through some things, and life has played a role in shaping me. I now understand exactly what my mom meant because with age comes wisdom and understanding.

In life one would love to imagine that everyone is for us. Reality check not everyone who stands before you is for you.

In fact I’ve found this to be truer than true sometimes those standing before you and with you can actually be praying against you and your dreams.

Let’s face it even though it’s hard to take it better we get it done now. There are people who will gladly call you friend, chime in to see what your doing and what your up to. Be careful because often times those very people can be the ones going behind your back and praying against you.

In essence the very dream, vision, and goals you held as prize possessions can be tarnished, prolonged, and sometimes even ruined why because someone prayed against you.

It’s one thing to be on a journey and want to take people with you. Just know that there’s a huge difference in selling your dreams. Keep them to yourself, push harder than hard, stay focused, in prayer, and move to make your dreams come true.

Be careful not to sell your dreams, visions, and goals. Your very enemy could be lurking underneath your own shadow praying against you.

Many blessings to you all take care.