Not Without Challenges

This week has not been without challenges because I made a vow to myself to push hard with my workout, Intermittent fasting, and to give it my all.

Moment of reality a bit over a week ago we lost my uncle to COVID-19 . This has been hard but everyone copes in their own way.

These times have changed in what seems like overnight. The world we knew appears to be shifting into a world that we’ve all been warned of perhaps we never thought it would be in our time.

With this shift people are changing some for the good and some well they are changing. It’s crazy how fear and uncertainty can cripple an individual into reacting in ways one never thought possible.

Reality is that there is a God who governs this entire world. Over time we’ve allowed ourselves to become so self centered and focused on our own secret sins that sadly we often don’t acknowledge that nor do we see our sins as sins.

Seems to be that God is allowing things to happen. This shift and change all over the world because everyone has to know that he is God and ruler of all nations.

Every women, man, young and old has to be accountable for their actions. I’d be lying if I said that I myself have been without sin. Life itself and the choices we make are not without its challenges.

What I’ve learned is that I can do nothing on my own. Everything from waking up, working out, and making sure I worship and seek God first. I need this reminder even more so now knowing that especially in times like these we pray one for another.

Stay blessed, be encouraged, seek to change and inspire, but make sure you never give up. Ask yourself is there something personally I can change to make myself better and more attentive to Gods words.

13 thoughts on “Not Without Challenges”

  1. Dear Domeka: I read through your post with interest. You expressed your thoughts so well. Indeed our God is fully in control and this too shall pass. I’m so glad you have retained your strength and sanctity during these challenging times.

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