Never Give Up

There is no journey without the push and struggle. I find it hard to accept the misconception that what we want is easy to achieve.

For some this might be true depending on ones status and who they know. For the average person who endures hardships, trials, tribulations, and hard times along the way this overall concept that what we want out of life comes easy is false advertisement.

There are those who wake up each day with only a dream from the night before of things they would love to accomplish. For whatever reason this dream of theirs appears to be far out of reach.

My thought was this no matter what never give up on yourself and the dream you want to accomplish. Storms sure they come and they go but the very impact of those storms as I’ve said before help to shape you into who you are.

Except the shaping and molding process. It’s okay to sit alone and cry your tears I’ve done so many times. There will be a day you can look back and then only then will you truly see Gods overall picture for your destiny.

Take care, stay blessed, help someone in need because we’ll never know when we ourselves will actually be the one needing. Smile, in spite of circumstances and conditions smile.


Yesterday I found myself in a conversation about the way people perceive you. In the middle of the conversation I was given sound advice. “Not everyone is going to like you, and you can’t like everyone”

I personally feel bad about this but in knowing that it upholds so much truth. I also understand that we can’t walk around this world harboring hatred, bitterness, anger, and envy. A bit of clarity because we all have choices to make and sometimes we choose the wrong one.

Fact is that the advice was sadly spot on. Not everyone is going to like you, and you can’t like everyone. This is a painful reality that is filled with truth.

Many prayers