Learn To Ignore Ignorance

Let’s face it you can’t possibly control people, their actions, their thoughts, their ways, nor their response to the things you say and write.

Reality is that there will be days where people will dislike you for no apparent reason knowing that they themselves don’t even know you.

I write to express how I feel, what I’m going through, and to share my journey with the world. As far as I am concerned I’m okay with that.

I’ve learned a sound lesson in life to focus on self and your own actions that is to be accountable for everything you say and do. Pray for the world because in trying times as such the world has become a wicked place and people are itching to be both sarcastic and hateful.

Above it all God commands us to love all including our enemies so we pray for everyone. To those who woke up with your day starting heavy I’m sorry, for those who have been carrying a burden on their shoulders I’m sorry, to those who find a need to be sarcastic and spiteful I’m sorry, and to those who simply feel a bit lost in a dark place in life I’m sorry.

Let no one feel as though they are less than or as though they have to resort to hateful tactics. I’m praying for everyone that you genuinely find your peace and happiness. That your able to move on with life in a happy time and place.

Find your source of peace and happiness and let it genuinely begin in you. Then may you spread your new found joy to a hurting world over.

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