Missing The City Lights

Every day I step out and a part of the world reminds me of how quickly times have changed.

I recall in 2019 before the virus being able to drive and see the lights from the high rise buildings Downtown LA.

The past few months things have been so different. My son and I have taken notice that we no longer see buildings full of lights. Rather we see buildings……..just buildings.

These buildings they all look tall……very tall and empty……. they definitely look empty even from miles and miles away. Dim they look dim……..no lights on at all. Abandoned……as though no one has been there for ages.

Sometimes I sit and catch myself wishing things could be back to norm. I close my eyes and daydream about the things I did last year and prior to the pandemic. No matter what it always brings a smile to my face.

Deep in my heart I know that God remains in control. Even in a season when we cannot see.

Love life, love always, dream and do, help someone in need.

A Walk In The Park

Yesterday I was able to walk in the park. It felt great being able to take my time, stop look at the trees, watch the birds in the sky, glance at the dogs that were in the park.

These are days that one can never forget. Moments away from the new norm and time to walk and take in Gods creation. At the end of the day I stopped off at the gas station where I saw a homeless man. As I came out of the gas station he sat on the ground with an older lady it was obvious that they had no home.

As I got into the car I stopped myself and just looked. I smiled and greeted them both telling them to have a blessed night. Even then I couldn’t go I just wanted to look amazed at their spirits and wondering how a world so big could have anyone being homeless.

As I was getting ready to shut my door I heard the man call the older women Mom. I sat with no words my heart………my heart.

Sunny Days

Lately we’ve been having sunny days. The things I miss the most are my long walks on the beach, my days outside in the sun having endless conversations with mom, and casual drives with no destination.

Get out just for a second take a deep breath and remind yourself that God has created another day keep moving forward God is in control.

Meal Prep Prepping

One thing I’ve learned is that meal prepping helps me on my journey. Having my meals planned out, cooked, and prepped in their containers sets me up for a successful week.

I’ll be honest I’ve had times when I was not set for the week. I find that in those times my journey becomes a bit more challenging. It becomes easier for me to make mistakes such as eating out or picking up food that is completely unhealthy.

This week in my meal preparation I wanted to incorporate plant based meals with a bit of protein from meat. I’m in a point in life when I don’t necessarily have to have meat with each meal.

In doing my research I found some amazing recipes. Not only we’re the recipes amazing but if your on a budget these meals will totally work for you.

Today I took time out to prep the things I have to cook tomorrow. I washed, cleaned, and chopped all of my vegetables. I cooked up all of my whole grains and pre measured them out.

Looking forward to this week of incorporating mostly plant based meals.

Stay blessed, have an amazing week, and remember to help someone in need no matter how small the deed.

Fail2Gain Fitness

We all need a moment or two of pure, raw, unfiltered motivation. For the moments in life that somehow get stuck between a rock and a hard place. For those times when it feels as though we’re being crushed by both the weight of the world and our fitness goals.

This is more than just some phase or taste of something adventurous. Fail2Gain Fitness has taught me that this is a lifestyle. You learn it, apply it, and execute it moving towards that personal goal.

There’s a lot going on in the world and one of the things we could really benefit from aside from faith and prayer is our dedication to ourselves, our bodies being in good condition and health. It changes that we owe it to ourselves.

Do yourself a favor without thinking twice go over to Instagram and check out Fail2Gain Fitness you won’t regret it.

Video taken from Fail2Gain Fitness Instagram Account check it out MOTIVATION, GOALS, ENDURANCE

That Moment You Realize

I’ve been on this journey for some time now. Going into it I didn’t really expect a lot from those around me because I know that life gets busy.

No matter what my family and friends were doing or had going on I always support them and believe in them knowing that sometimes it’s the small words or gestures that give us an extra push.

In the begging I would reach out to family and friends each day. I would send them text messages letting them know that I had a blog posted.

It was something I did out of habit wanting to share my journey with the people I love. Although I didn’t always here back from them I didn’t give up.

That moment you realize that people are actually paying attention to what you do. A moment of motivation to continue on.

Recently I received a message from a family member encouraging me to continue. I was so surprised when I was told that she reads my blog all of the time and assuring me that she wanted to catch up.

100 Days

I teamed up with a vlogger for 100 days of fitness. The thing is that I’ve followed her YouTube channel for a few years and I find her current journey so inspirational.

There have been both ups and downs but one thing remains. No matter how many times she doesn’t complete her goals she picks herself up and continues to run the race.

This alone gives my journey so much more meaning. I’ve had both good and bad days. I’ve had both success and failure. I’ve also learned that it takes hard work, dedication, and determination to see it through.

I would not be telling the truth if I said that this is my first time on this journey. Reality is that each time I’ve tried it in the past something always went wrong. It was always some attack on my body, and these were typically serious injuries which took time to heal.

I had to realize and understand that when your pushing to better yourself you are always going to encounter a problem. You can’t win a battle if your not prepared to fight.

Being overweight is not easy but neither is fixing the problem that caused one to be overweight. Let’s face it although it often seems like we gain our weight overnight this is far from the truth. In fact it takes bad habits and the time necessary to both shape and mold them.

I must admit that I’m thankful for the way things turned out. My past has created determination for the present and my future. I’m happy knowing that I’m sharing my story with the world and that somewhere someone is getting inspired.

You’ll never know who needs to listen to the story you have to tell stay blessed and keep creating your story.

Don’t Let The Moment Make You………..

I saw a homeless man on the side of the road. Cars just drove by I mean some even stopped but not for the homeless man.

The anticipation of the world reopening has a lot of people on edge. Being bottled up for months kinda does things to people but then again damage was already done by the world.

This homeless man has lots of things that he must have worked so hard to collect. Most would say that his things are just trash you know Knick knacks. To this man whom I don’t know his name these are more than just knock knacks these are things he values.

Then I saw a family stop for the taco truck which was parked just across the street. My eyes moved back in the direction of the homeless man whom I walk from out of a tarp covered “home”, past a clothing rack he’d hung some clothes on, and to a bucket full of water.

There he kneeled down to wash out what appeared to be a shirt. To him it didn’t matter that people were passing by because this was his home. I continued to watch and after washing his shirt he hung it on the rack to dry. When he was done washing his shirt he took a different bucket of water and poured it onto the ground and he slowly walked and grabbed a broom to gently sweep the sidewalk clean.

I looked at this man I mean I really had to pause and look. There was a lesson to be learned here because no matter how bad his circumstances were as a homeless man he did not allow it to bring his spirits down.

Was this man homeless well from the world’s perspective yes he was. Real moment of truth home is where the heart is and from the looks of it he understood that.

The next time you feel as though nothing is going right in your world take a moment, make sure you remember that conversation about perspective, and change your overall attitude about your circumstances.

Don’t allow a bad moment in life to make you. You take that moment and make your circumstances work for you.

Have a blessed week, help someone in need no matter how small the deed, smile, and know that everything is going to be okay.