In The Middle Of It All

A few years back I learned a very valuable lesson in finding my place of peace. The act of shutting every sound from the world out and focusing on that which brings tranquility.

It was the very act of listening for Gods voice and spending time with the creator. During this time I also learned a lot about myself who I am and was for the moment.

In today’s time with all that’s going on it’s important that we learn to find that quiet place of peace and tranquility.

Valuable time to shut the world out and focus on who we are, our purpose, faith, direction, comfort, and peace.

In this moment we allow ourselves to heal from all we’ve taken in, a chance to take deep breaths and find the means to value and appreciate the world God has created.

In the middle of it all there is peace……….

We can look at the mountains 🏔 and stand in awe at their creation.

We can look at the ocean 🌊 in amazement for its wonders.

Stare at the moon 🌙 and stars ✨ knowing who put them in place and who knows us by name.

The sun ☀️ can stand as a reminder that our redeemer is both mighty and great.

We can look at each other knowing that we’re all human beings wonderfully created.

In the middle of it all we can focus and center ourselves in position to obtain better perspectives and attitudes.

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