10 of my favorite feelings

First and foremost I want to give a huge thank you to Nadiiag for this nomination. If you have not done so check out her amazing blog on healthy recipes and fitness I guarantee that you will enjoy it and her recipes are beyond tasteful. http://for-healths.com

(1) My first sight when I wake up in the morning knowing that no one is promised another day.

(2) The sound of my voice knowing that I’m blessed and able to speak my gratitude and thanks for the day that God has made.

(3) My son running to my arms telling me how much he loves me.

(4) The light my son generates with a smile on his face.

(5) The feeling of my feet touching the ground and the simple fact of knowing they did.

(6) Peace and comfort from my morning prayer and worship.

(7) reaching out to family and friends hearing their voices especially during such challenging times.

(8) Sunlight that kisses your face when you step outside on a warm summer day.

(9) sinking feet in the sand while being surrounded by the water.

(10) Being able to look at the ocean, it’s horizon, and the sailing ships as they slowly pass by. All while listening to the sound of Gods created waves 🌊.

I nominate the following bloggers for this Favorite Feelings Tag.

(1) lohluhjohnson http://oasisinjesuschrist.wordpress.com/

(2) ltsdo http://ltsdo.wordpress.com/

(3) Sandra J http://intothelightadventures.com/

(4) wondertips 777 http://wondertips777.com/

(5) Francisco Bravo Cabrera. http://erects.wordpress.com/

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