In my early morning conversation I was asked if I had done my worship for the morning . I replied by saying that I was going to and immediately I was stopped in the middle of my statement. I was reminded of the importance of giving my gratitude, worship and praise to God first thing when I’m awake much like the other day a season of correction and change.

Just then it was suggested that perhaps I could go into my worship and begin to thank God for everything. I was then told to dance and this is where my mind said “what”. After it was explained to me I understood the power my feet carry when I praise God and allow my feet to move.

In my church there is such a thing called PRAISE BREAK. When the music is going, people are up moving just stomping and dancing with their feet. shouting words of thanksgiving, praises, forgiveness I’ll tell you there is so much of God surrounding those moments when your letting go.

So I did it I mean I put on some praise break music and I began to move. I felt like God was placing it on my heart to pick up my feet even higher, with more intention, and to move just move.

My feet were moving to the beat, my hands were in the air, my hands were clapping, my mouth was smiling, my heart was releasing and fulfilling, tears were streaming.

Years of things being bottled up and countless of times I’ve said okay God I’m letting go. Today things were different as I moved, my heart beat picked up, I was sweating I mean drenched with sweat, but my feet were moving. Once I was done I stood there out of breath, drenched with sweat, my legs were feeling it kinda like I’d done a thousand squats or more.

I realized that not only did I dance, worship, let go but I also completed a long round of cardio. It’s a lesson I’m happy I have learned, and a lesson I will definitely pass on to my son.

When you wake up in the morning get your cardio on and feel free to dance.

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