Anticipation Full-blown

Sitting here in this intense heat at 9:40 pm there are still many things on my mind. I find myself trying to multitask between thinking and planning what this next phase of my life will be like.

I must admit that I have come along way on this journey and I am forever grateful for the people that I have been blessed to meet. I completely understand that everything has a season in our life and for some reason even with all of my ups and downs, and even my struggles this I have learned that no matter what your season yields simply make the best of it.

I have come across those who love and appreciate me much like the fact that I have also come across those who hated me for whatever reason. The thing about truth is this you stand firm on it, cling to it, never let it go, and hold on tight knowing that the opinions of others sometimes have no value to your own personal life. Let them say what they want, allow them to fell the way they feel, so what if they judge you or take jabs at you hey do you pay your bills.

we have to make the best of it and seek out every inch of that thing called hope. Take in both the good with the bad, smile, laugh, cry, whatever it may be just let it all out. Knowing that you are responsible for your own actions and although sometimes the actions of others may be far from humans ask yourself this what are your actions like?

I am happy to say that this week my anticipation level is in full-blown and I am never letting go. I live each day wanting to help and inspire those who feel as though they are just too far gone. I know what its like to give up on self and believe that you can never accomplish your goal, but I also know that it is like to to feel as though you dont have a voice at all.

This weeks anticipation is through the roof I am excited to wake up each morning and push myself physically and mentally with sure encouragement. I set out with a dream and goal on my heart and its great when you understand and know your own worth.

Have a blessed week and pray for those who don’t understand how to pray for themselves.

13 thoughts on “Anticipation Full-blown”

  1. You know to understand your own worth one should be confident to themselves, one should listen to their heart and follow the voice of the innerself.
    And I really like your last lines , “pray for those who don’t understand how to pray for themselves”.This line touches me a lot .
    Thank you for sharing !

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