Today’s Times…….

I see a lot of media coverage about people fighting for equality I for one feel strongly about this. Being African American myself I know what it’s like to grow up black.

Growing up there were incidents where I’ve even had to experience and live through it myself. I know the pain and damage it has on an individual, a family, and a community overall.

Reality is that it’s all over and there are many who need to complete self checks and reevaluate self motives. My strong feeling comes from past experiences that either I’ve encountered or someone close to me has endured.

Some years ago my brother went out of state to attend school. One day we received a call that no family wants to hear. My brother had been walking with a friend to the store. Apparently my brother and his friend were being followed by a group of skinheads.

At some point my brother and his friend were attacked from behind with thick heavy pipes and my brothers head was busted open. The both of them were lying there bleeding out and left for dead.

Thank God for saving them and that they are still here today. God only knows how a group of skinheads tried with all of their might to kill my brother and his friend.

Because of their actions my brothers dream of completing his studies out of state were cut short and he had to return home after he was well enough .

To think that a group of skinheads tried to take my brothers very last breath because of his skin color. There has to be a moment where the very words are true to who they are and what they mean EQUALITY FOR ALL.

Image taken from Google Images