Everything Changed So Quick

Yesterday my son and I were spending some much needed time with my mom. I had taken time out to prepare a Sunday dinner as we had just sat down ready to eat.

Suddenly our cell phones rang with a loud alert. Curfew was going into affect at 6pm, and the current time was 5:20 pm. Typically my drive home was roughly an hour by streets.

My mom lives on the second floor so we knew that we didn’t have enough time to complete the meal and rush home. We quickly put our plates on the counter, my son packed up the cart with our things, and my mom quickly saw us to the door as I assured her that now she has food for a few days.

With a hurt in her voice she apologized for us having to leave so quickly and that our family dinner wasn’t completed. I assured her that it was okay and that we would make it up to her.

You see before all of the changes we were used to visiting mom every single day. We kept her company, laughed, talked, watched television, worshiped, and prayed. Now everything has changed and we’re restricted it’s just not the same anymore.

I live in California and I can contest that people everywhere are hurting. Hurting people who are simply fed up with the lucrative amount of injustice amongst my fellow African American brothers and sisters.

People have taken to the streets doing things that might not be right. Hurting people who are simply tired of being mistreated and misrepresented. My heart aches with sorrow because of all that is going on, but God will have his way.

My drive home was crazy because cars were speeding. The closer I got to home the more I thought about mom. Mom always says that your never alone because God is always there, and what a friend we will always have in God.

My son was a bit scared at first he’s a kid and they don’t deserve any of what’s going on. I assured him that we must never give up on prayer.

When we got home there was absolutely no parking so we dropped our things off and prepared ourselves mentally to park far and embark on a long walk home.

When we pulled out and went to the next block. We were blessed beyond measure because there was one parking spot available and just big enough for us to fit.

As I turned the car off I told my son that we needed to thank God for blessing us with such a perfect spot. Before I could finish my sentence my son said mom I already did. With that he grabbed the few things I had in my hands and told me that he would carry every thing. Look at my little man becoming a man.

We got inside just in time because even as I sit and write this. I hear the sounds of police sirens out side our window.

11 thoughts on “Everything Changed So Quick”

    1. Thank you for your message and yes I agree. My grandmother raised her family to understand that there is power in prayer. Thank you for reading the blog it’s greatly appreciated.

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