In The Middle Of It All

A few years back I learned a very valuable lesson in finding my place of peace. The act of shutting every sound from the world out and focusing on that which brings tranquility.

It was the very act of listening for Gods voice and spending time with the creator. During this time I also learned a lot about myself who I am and was for the moment.

In today’s time with all that’s going on it’s important that we learn to find that quiet place of peace and tranquility.

Valuable time to shut the world out and focus on who we are, our purpose, faith, direction, comfort, and peace.

In this moment we allow ourselves to heal from all we’ve taken in, a chance to take deep breaths and find the means to value and appreciate the world God has created.

In the middle of it all there is peace……….

We can look at the mountains 🏔 and stand in awe at their creation.

We can look at the ocean 🌊 in amazement for its wonders.

Stare at the moon 🌙 and stars ✨ knowing who put them in place and who knows us by name.

The sun ☀️ can stand as a reminder that our redeemer is both mighty and great.

We can look at each other knowing that we’re all human beings wonderfully created.

In the middle of it all we can focus and center ourselves in position to obtain better perspectives and attitudes.

Let’s Make Today A Better Day

So much has gone on in fact correction so much is going on in the world all over. It kinda seems odd perhaps like something one would see in a very strange movie of some sort.

Reality is that this here is life and so many seek to turn back the hands of times and create a mirrored yesterday for today, tomorrow, next month, and next year.

I find myself sitting trying to figure things out but the just of it all is that it’s time for much needed prayer. We must allow the happenings of the now to build us up and make us stronger.

We can’t always control our surroundings, and what happens but we can shift our perspective, focus, attitude, and overall reaction to accounting for self.

Waking up in the morning is a gift that we weren’t promised to receive. Opposed to filling our shoes and allowing ourselves to become self seekers. Let’s make today better by holding ourselves accountable for everything that we do. Allow each individual to do their part and live. When we begin to change ourselves and our overall perspective.

Watch others begin to follow in pursuit.

Even The Little Things

This thing called life has its way of showing up and definitely showing out. I sit back as the world moves in attempt of getting things back to normal .

One can’t help but to notice the evidence of change. I drove passed the gym the other day and took notice of the long line of people waiting patiently to get in.

I guess as a parent my first thought was these must be the people who don’t have any children. I instantly began to wonder what life is like for those who are alone, no kids, no family, no one to talk to during a pandemic lockdown.

This is definitely a season in our lives where we must remember in spite of everything that’s going on around us. To always be great full for even the little things.

The Sculpting Of You……..

You ever sit on the edge with your feet dangling in waters. Thinking about the day you first embarked on a personal journey and the ultimate decision that brought you to that point.

Somewhere deep inside of you there must have been that something calling out to you for change. Some part of you wanted things to be different for the better of things.

Knowing that nothing comes easy and that it would take hard work and dedication to get you there. To get you to the future you that you envisioned.

Road blocks, stones, bricks, and major hurdles are all apart of the journey which you have chosen.

Funny thing is that even the parts you see as being too hard to overtake and accomplish are apart of the making and sculpting of you.

In fact the parts that seem to be the hardest are often the parts that do the most sculpting.

A Brief Moment In Life

There sometimes come a brief moment in life where everything comes against you all at once.

You might have awaken that morning seeking to find the best news ever. Somehow you managed to get dumped with everyone’s unwanted garbage.

It’s these moments that tend to make you sit and pause while contemplating exactly what you may have done to deserve such things.

Understand that everyone has their breaking points in life I call them brief moments in life where we realize that we weren’t as strong as we thought we were.

It’s okay to stop and recover from battle wounds because there’s no need in pushing foward and striving with salt 🧂 in our wounds.

Sit, reflect, clean, gain your strength while working on your composure

When your done and you’ve had that brief moment in life. You get back up and get back in this survival round of life .

10 of my favorite feelings

First and foremost I want to give a huge thank you to Nadiiag for this nomination. If you have not done so check out her amazing blog on healthy recipes and fitness I guarantee that you will enjoy it and her recipes are beyond tasteful.

(1) My first sight when I wake up in the morning knowing that no one is promised another day.

(2) The sound of my voice knowing that I’m blessed and able to speak my gratitude and thanks for the day that God has made.

(3) My son running to my arms telling me how much he loves me.

(4) The light my son generates with a smile on his face.

(5) The feeling of my feet touching the ground and the simple fact of knowing they did.

(6) Peace and comfort from my morning prayer and worship.

(7) reaching out to family and friends hearing their voices especially during such challenging times.

(8) Sunlight that kisses your face when you step outside on a warm summer day.

(9) sinking feet in the sand while being surrounded by the water.

(10) Being able to look at the ocean, it’s horizon, and the sailing ships as they slowly pass by. All while listening to the sound of Gods created waves 🌊.

I nominate the following bloggers for this Favorite Feelings Tag.

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(3) Sandra J

(4) wondertips 777

(5) Francisco Bravo Cabrera.

Change In An Instant

Things can happen instantly requiring you to change without a sense of direction. You can sit and focus on your circumstances or your surroundings but it’s mostly how you respond that matters.

You can either choose to let that change Break you, make you, create you, shift you, or grow you it’s entirely up to you.

That’s the thing about choice you have your own free will to make a decision. I often said that we ought be careful as to what we choose because every choice we make has a consequence.

The outcome of that consequence is up to you.

Here we are a brand new week and perhaps change has shifted your way but what do you choose?

Take A Step Back

There is so much going on in the world I for one growing up as a kid never imagined these times would exist in my life.

Each day I wake up or every second that we breathe I feel as though something else has been added to this ginormous pot which is already boiling and overflowing all at once.

I’ve learned a little trick through it all so that things don’t become overwhelming. I don’t turn my television on especially to the news because it seems as though it’s become the avenue of bad news.

I’m not blocking things out in fact I find myself spending more time in prayer. Prayer for myself, my family, friends, the country, and the world.

It wasn’t until a few days ago that I saw it. It’s like God placed his hand on my shoulder and guided me a few steps back. Once I got there it became easy and apparent for me to see that God is still in control.

Now there’s a different perspective the overall agenda seems to have shifted knowing that there is control if we only take the time to take a step back and observe.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy FATHERS DAY to all of the fathers out there.

To all of the mothers who are taking this on alone HAPPY FATHERS DAY.

To all of the uncles and family members who are stepping up in place of the fathers HAPPY FATHERS DAY.