It’s Not A Competition.

It felt as though today was longer than usual. I woke up and completed my task early in the day.

Once I had time on my hands I found myself thinking about the younger me. I thought of the me in junior high who got picked on.

Often times it was the same group of girls who came to school with weave that was halfway glued in, earrings which were typically faded, and wearing the same thing they had worn nearly three times in the same week.

Now it is not my intention to put anyone down, however later on in life in fact this very moment. I have come to realize that sometimes people will put you down and attempt to drag you into the mud when they are not comfortable with themselves.

I did not join this journey to enter a competition with anyone. In fact I pray that God grants us all the strength and perseverance needed to achieve and accomplish our goals.

The reality is that the deeper I get into this journey the more my eyes are open, my ears are listening, my heart is shaping, my goals are forming, and I’m forgiving.

I’ve had to realize that there was nothing wrong with me back then. In fact I was in much better shape than I am now. Nevertheless words can have a major impact so it’s important that we form them wisely using them to lift each other up opposed to assuming that everything is a competition.

Never be afraid to embrace who you are