The Change In My Body

Laying down on my side while the breeze was coming in through the window. Looking at my son finding happiness in the midst of the worlds situation and dancing around.

I briefly caught a chill so I reached for the sheet. Somehow I brushed against my side and found myself completely surprised.

My side and stomach is changing and I live in this body every day and I can feel the difference. For the first time I felt as though there was less of me. I’m putting in a lot of hard work, sticking to a lifestyle change, and now physically I can touch my stomach and side and feel the change.

I’ve often heard it said that others can see the weight loss in you before you do. This couldn’t be any more true. I mean those close to me have taken notice and told me bout it. Although I could tell the difference in my lifestyle and I saw the difference in my dedication. This somehow was different which led me to standing in front of the mirror.

I thought of how my body has been through so many changes. I’ve gone through holding my son inside my womb for nine months to giving birth. Now here I was in front of the mirror looking at results that I could see. I found myself looking at a huge physical change in me.

When I think of the changes that are taking place now I get a feeling of gratitude. Happy that hard work and persistence is paying off. Elated for the amount of support that has been pouring in.

Thank you