Things Are Officially Different.

The much anticipated continuation of my workout routine was a success. Looking back at today I realize that things are different now.

I am giving this workout routine my all. Being honest roughly a year ago I was not able to do any of this. Half of the time I was out of breath trying to do anything, talk on the phone, climbing up the stairs, and even walking from point A to point B.

My body had gotten tired and beyond lazy. There were many times I found myself sitting down watching a fitness routine while eating fast food at the same time.

I’ve learned that life is about choices and no matter which choice you make there’s going to be some sort of aftermath. Here I am making choices as life would have it.

What am going to eat, will I workout today, how hard will I push myself, and am I serious enough to get this job done.

Today I felt and lived in the difference. I can breath, I’m doing workout that’s getting me in shape. Most of all I’m pushing hard, working with what I’ve got, and making this happen.