This Is It……….

This is it tomorrow is the big day week two of month two , and it’s okay it’s a good thing. I’ve spent the past few days preparing myself for this moment right here.

Four days on I mean four days of giving it my all then three days to take it light my workout sorry I’m rambling. Making sure that I understand the importance of getting the job done. Domeka you’re putting in work and your going to yield results.

I feel good, positive, hopeful, I know that I’m going to do this. I’ve done well so far, and now I’m more energized and goal oriented than before.

So tomorrow I’ll wake up and say a prayer. From there I won’t think twice because my body is used to it now.

A few months ago if someone would have told me that I’d be doing this I don’t know that I would believe it. Here it is the day has come I mean my season is here. I’m on it my journey, my story, and I’m sharing it.

I want to share this journey openly with the entire world. I know what it’s like to be that person who has dreams, and goals buried so deep down inside with no reason of really hoping and believing.

I want to help shine a light of hope across the open seas. When that person who feels lost and stranded at sea is bound to give up on themselves. I want them to see my light, a glimmer in the near distance and know that everything will be alright because prayer does change things.

I want my journey and words to comfort those who sit in their secret prison crying throughout their days and lonely nights.

I want to spark change in that person who feels as though the world is against them. Through my own personal journey, through prayer, and through hope.

4 thoughts on “This Is It……….”

  1. Really beautiful words. You are brave and brilliant. I have no doubts that I can see you at the very peak of your achievements. always such a pleasure to read your posts. Please carry on touching people’s lives.

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