Early Morning Workout……Sweating

It’s better for me to workout early in the morning and keep my day rolling thereafter. I find that while I’m doing high knees, sometimes struggling and telling myself that I can while pushing to accomplish my goal. My body secretly begins to thank me and my confidence goes through the roof.

Yesterday it was roughly 4:30 am and I was in the middle of the floor in my room. My son sat up in my bed after using the restroom and put a smile on his face. Next thing came naturally as he began clapping and cheering me on. Telling me to continue and that I could do it.

This alone was one of the best feelings in the world because my son became my support system as he continued to cheer me on. I went from 90 to 100 within seconds, and I gave it my all.

I will never forget the look on my sons face as he smiled, clapped, and encouraged me to never give up.

After completing the workout my son came and told me how proud he was of me and to never give up. Lesson learned everyone I’m never giving up.

12 thoughts on “Early Morning Workout……Sweating”

    1. Yes Holy Spirit is wonderful and thank you for your comment. It’s amazing how God can touch us even with simple words that are filled with life, hope, and promise.

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