Some Of My Food Choices In Pictures.

Since embarking on this journey so much of me has changed. From my thought process, my level of determination, my perseverance, and the choices I make daily. One of these choices being the food I eat.

Starting off it was hard and I struggled with letting go of the foods I loved and the quantities in which I enjoyed them. Now that it’s both my son and I it has been that much easier for us to work hard together and make healthy choices.

There is a huge benefit of having the support of all of you just know that each day it is greatly appreciated. Your kind words, gesture, and support has put forth so much positive energy and we thank God for that each day in our prayers.

Lately we have had so much fun in the kitchen cooking and bonding . So today we wanted to share with you all a brief and quick sample of some of the things we had yesterday.

Thank you all for your support