Completed My First Day Round 2

On Mother’s Day I received a gift towards my life. I received a list from my trainer detailing my new workout regimen. At first I took a glance but a bit later I really looked.

I’ll admit my initial thought was “Oh my God how will ever do this” recognizing that it was simply a challenge I began to look a bit different.

I began talking to my aunt who quickly said “you might need prayer before you start that list” I agreed. I prayed when I received the list, before bed, during my sleep, and at 3:30 am when I woke up to get it done.

One thing is for sure when I started my workout. I thought of all the people who had wronged me in my season of darkness. That was the push I spoke of, and that was the push I received.

Was it early in the morning yes it was. Did I care about who heard me not at all. Did I sweat you bet I did. Was I out of breath yes I was in fact I was breathing so hard the neighbors might have heard.

With every second I pushed and pushed. I talked to myself during this workout. My conversation with myself was deep but oh well because it worked.

Day one of round 2 was a success

12 thoughts on “Completed My First Day Round 2”

      1. I usually do evenings since I’m working from home due to the crisis but once I return to the office, I may have to consider mornings because I won’t have as much time in the evenings with the commute and all.

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      2. Completely understood in fact I began mornings because of my son being homeschooled now. I do prefer mornings though it helps me command my day, and get off to a great start.

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    1. Thank you so much I truly appreciate and welcome all of the cheers. This is pure motivation at it’s finest and it’s also what helps to make my journey worth while and fighting for.

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