I sat and for some reason I found myself thinking of all those who’ve done me wrong. At first I began asking myself exactly what type of thought was that and why.

When I came to my senses I realized that it was exactly the kind of reflection I needed to begin my week. Not only was it a reflection but I learned in a quick second to turn that energy around.

I don’t hate anyone because I’ve had to forgive and let them go. There was no point in allowing them to occupy an ounce in my heart incorrectly any longer.

What was once negative memories have become tomorrow’s determination and motivation to push. You see here’s the thing today my trainer gave me a new workout list. Going into my second month of training we have new goals, and new boundaries to push.

Excited to embark on this new phase of my journey I’ve found it necessary to really seek God for strength, perseverance, and determination.

For every word of negativity, for every backstab, for every game played thinking that not everyone has feelings, for every bit of laughter behind my back, for every time I was talked about, for each time my name was drug into the ground, for every time a lie was spoke against my name. I sincerely wanted to take the time out to thank you for this weeks round of determination, because this week it’s getting real and I’m going hard.

This week is for you thank you………….