There was no book giving me step by step instructions on being a mom. No formal list of both things to do and things I should definitely avoid.

Changing diapers only to find that nearly half a second later the new one had been soiled and ruined like a fresh batch of kitty litter (lol the good times).

The late nights of being awake during feeding times, fussy conversations, or those nights spent as a worried parent because your child is sick.

The phone calls from school where you pick up instantly asking them what your child did. Only to find out that perhaps they just weren’t feeling good.

Endless conversations while driving trying your hardest to focus on the road. Meanwhile your child picked the perfect time to tell you their entire life story at school this far (but I love those).

The new pair of shoes they begged you for, so you worked hard and got them . No soon as they left out the house wearing them the return was always much different ( I learned not to get white anything).

The homemade cards drawn with stick people that could never be ugly and you proudly displayed. The ultrasound images where you swear that the tiny spec in the image was the cutest. Somehow your uncle tells you that every parent thinks that ( ok I promise I saw his face).

The look on their face when they smile from ear to ear while telling you that they love you. The kiss they give you telling you that your the best mom ever ( until they turn 6 and realize that kissing their mom on the cheek just isn’t cool. I don’t know who tells them that but that is false information).

When you experiment making that one dish which didn’t come out right. Only to have your mini you swear that it was the best burnt steak ever ( the thing is I don’t really cook steak okay I’ll tell the truth I walked away for a few mins or a little while).

The moment your son ask you to play with him so you agree. You find out that his idea of playing is sitting down on his rug playing rough with a bunch of action figures. Or that he really wants to wrestle and pin his mom down to the floor (first of all this is just not okay son and why can’t we place something nice and peaceful. But even these times are memories.)

When night time comes and you begin your routine of bedtime stories, scriptures, worship, and prayer. Only to find out that your child thinks that it was the best day ever.

To all of the moms out there this one is for you. To my mom thank you for all you have done it has been more than appreciated HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.