Dear God

I kinda don’t know where to start this letter, so I think I’ll begin here. Earlier today I saw a video that came from out of Brazil. People were lined up on the streets kneeling on their knees praying asking you to heal their land, and of course with this pandemic/ Devine intervention they were keeping social distance.

God I don’t believe that you created this, but perhaps your allowing it. This world has grown so wicked and way past cold. It would not be accurate if I said that it’s everyone, but God I know that we owe you an apology.

We’ve pulled ourselves away from your laws and commandments. We have become so worldly and self seeking. God forgive us for not making time to seek your face, to praise your name, for being so self centered.

We spend most of our time being busy when in reality we need to focus more on giving you all the praise and thanking you.

Drugs, violence, war, crime, hatred, anger, greed, bitterness, fornication and so much more. These are things that somehow has made its way to defining us as a society.

God not only are these things taken to the streets but they are in our churches as well. I miss the days when my grandma would go to the church house every day. She took her time making sure that it was clean, that there was not a need, and then she paced the aisle praying, praying, praying.

As a kid I didn’t understand why my grandma spent so much time seeking you while praying not only for her entire family but the entire world.

God where are those days now we need more people praying with a passion with strong intent. I’m sure that there are many people doing just that and no matter what we can’t give up.

God I’m sorry for all of this wickedness I know that as your children you want better from us and for us. As any parent would want for their child. I know deep down inside that there is good in this world striving hard to survive in a world like this.

God it is my prayer that during this time we’ve had time to talk to you, tell you what’s on our hearts and minds, and repent.

I thank you for taking the time to hear my words.