Where There’s A will There’s A Way

A Source Of Relentless Motivation

In maintaining my journey I found it necessary early on to surround myself with a nurturing source of motivation.

Instagram quickly became that source, because of the huge health and fitness community it presented.

As time passed by one follow or follower quickly led to another. Yes I found myself blocking people left and right in efforts of letting go of the the bad. Nonetheless My focus quickly became the goal of my journey. To better my health, loose weight, and improve my fitness levels.

Somehow I came across this page @6hundo2savage

Bishop Manny P an individual on his own journey living through faith and hard work. Has an Instagram account posting both videos and images of him pushing himself to achieve his own personal goals. I sat down and watched a couple of his videos, and realized that anything is possible.

I was immediately Captivated by his amount of drive, determination, and energy that he manages to put forth in every post. I realized that my own goals and journey to better health and fitness were valid.

It did not take long for me to realize that this was an account worth following so I did just that. Over the course of a few days I eagerly waited for his daily post, because this gave me a large amount of strength and hope.

Eventually I reached out to Bishop Manny expressing my gratitude for his post. With a warm gesture and welcome he replied as humble as ever.

Just that quick and in that one conversation. I knew deep down inside that Manny was the real deal. Inspired by his own story he longs to be a pure source of motivation to the world. This is exactly what he’s doing touching the lives of those who come across him.

It’s not everyday that we come across someone whom is obviously selfless. Bishop Manny no doubt will continue to inspire many both now and the future to come.

I for one am great full to have come across his page. This was a part of my game changer, and it is my prayer that God blesses him ten folds.

Bishop Manny continue doing what your doing and being a beacon of hope.