The Day Is Growing Cold Let Us Draw Close To God.

Dream Into Reality

We were outside when suddenly my brother and I looked up at the sky. Clouds like I had never seen before were forming , and quickly something else took shape . It was merely a few seconds when I realized that it was a tornado, but even during a state of panic I recall one outstanding thought. In all of my years living here since birth there was never a tornado. What was even crazier is the speed in which it grew to a massive state of power right before our eyes.

It was happening so quickly and everyone I mean everyone was caught off guard. There was no warning signs, no Syrene’s to give the people a head start. Destruction, death, chaos, and damage was instantly at everyone’s door and no one could avoid it.

I recall others around me as I began yelling for my brother to hurry and come in an effort of us trying to seek shelter. I recall that initially there were others with us, however without a thought they took off each alone seeking to gain some sort of protection for themselves.

There was no unity it was each person for themself running, screaming, and panicking. If only I could explain it well enough for all of you to vision the look in each person’s eyes, their mouths as they screamed, their feet as they pushed, shoved, and ran.

I was the only one who stood still calling to my brother to hurry and come. I then remember calling out to God pleading that my brother be spared and not perish.

The tornado grew bigger in size and gained more speed I saw it quickly approaching. As it passed through destroying everything in its path including people. I stood there looking, praying, calling for my brother and calling out to God.

The only part of the aftermath I recall was seeing the huge van on my brother. I went and somehow was able to get my brother up. To my surprise he was spared my brother he was alive. Badly, badly beaten and bruised. I had to stand him up and help him walk because he was barely able to move .

Around us was nothing but debris everything was not everything. I looked up and around particularly in front of us. Those whom had been with us, and left us in the midst of panic and trouble were now nowhere in sight. Even worse I did not have a feel for them.

I woke up from this sleep tired my eyes were drained, I was breathing heavy as though I was actually a part of my dream. I went to spend my first minutes with God. Afterwards I went into scripture and here is what I read.

Romans 10:10 King James Version (KJV)

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Taken from BibleGateway

Remember I love you all and I’m always praying.