Today it was brought to my attention that this upcoming Friday marks one month of me working with my trainer.

One month in and I can see myself changing where it matters. I’ve been blessed with an amazing custom workout plan. This in itself has helped me kickstart my journey so much.

I find myself pushing hard during my workout. There are times when I have to war with myself during the a routine. This is my way of telling myself that I can’t give up, that I won’t give in, and that I’ll see this thing through.

I’m really focused on watching what I eat and how I prepare it. I want to be honest for a while the temptation of my old eating habits resurfaced. I’ve learned to apply mind over matter.

I’m making this a family affair, because my son needs to adhere to a healthy lifestyle as well. This is my way of paving a healthy future for him.

We’re learning so much about portion control, the importance of in taking our water, exercising together and choosing healthy choices.

I thank God for provision and for blessing us throughout this journey. I’m excited to see what we look like and have accomplished in six months time.

This is not a journey where we can just give up. This is a journey where we seek God for endurance, perseverance, and drive.