Today’s Workout

I’m never going to achieve my goal if I don’t put in the work. This is a very strong and powerful message I’ve managed to learn over the past few days.

After having so many excuses to not work out. My mind kicked into high gear telling my body to get with the program or be served an eviction notice.

Last night I prayed and sought God’s favor of waking me up earlier than usual. It worked I had time for me, and completed my workout before my son got out of bed.

It was grueling however I pushed myself and continuously asked God not to allow me to give up.

I did it not I didn’t quit instead I gained a badge from allowing myself to show myself just who I can be.


Psalm 8:7 King James Version (KJV)

All sheep and oxen, yea, and the beasts of the field;

Taken From Bible Gateway

This is a piece of a scripture that I hear often. I can’t help but to focus on the words “beast of the field”

I have gone over and over this scripture I’ve even prayed and asked for wisdom. I understand that the term beast has a strong reference, yet I think about life itself. I feel as though I have encountered this beast so many times in my life, but I’ve been granted grace as God covers me with his shield.

The obstacles that we face on a day to day, and right now for these few seconds I Know that the certain identify of it doesn’t matter it’s how you war the battle. If you recall for years I ran because I had an inner fear of snakes in particular a huge yellow snake that was reoccurring. In fact one day a physical yellow snake which was huge in size was brought to my job.

Once I stopped running my fear went away, and I no longer allowed the beast to attack me like that. So here I am pondering on this pharse, and I realize that for myself this beast could be a number of things. Including the adversary who tries endlessly to throw me off course of life itself. No matter how many hurdles I jump I’m looking up to find dozens more.

The term beast has a very strong definition behind it, and I believe it to be of grave importance for us to monitor ourselves and relationship with God least this beast becomes a part of us. No matter what God has given us authority over the beast of the field. It is up to us to choose to exercise that authority.

I’ve learned that with God on my side I am never alone. So as loud as this beast roars I stand tall and firm because God is greater than any problem I might every have.

Believing In Myself

There’s a goal that I want to reach. I invited the world to join me in reaching this goal which was a huge step of me not being afraid.

In my past I cared about the wrong things. I cared about what people thought of me. I cared about how people saw me. I cared about the very words people spoke of me, but that was in my past.

I’ve gone through a lot which has beautifully broken me into the me I am becoming. I now know that I have the right to be, I have the right to breathe, I have the right to exist, I have the right to be myself.

There’s a difference in this journey from when I first began. I sit here late at night in my bed, body sore, barely able to move, but proud of myself for pushing and doing my workouts no matter what.

The old me would have given up a long time ago. I would have worried too much about what you thought of me. Now I know that I was doing just that I was worrying too much.

So I’m sitting here in pain, but happy because I’m believing in myself. You see so much took place in my life which took that right away from me. I sit here now thankful for the journey, and thankful for every bit.

Finally able to be me…….