Pushed Myself Past My Boundaries

The day was beyond hot in fact one would have assumed that summer arrived much earlier than usual.

After schooling my son online and at home grocery shopping had to be done.

I’ll admit no one likes the thought of entering the world during a time like this. I mean orders to stay home in efforts of keeping everyone safe were placed for a reason.

Once we returned home my son continued hydrating himself, and keeping cool under the fan. I told myself that I would wait until evening in hopes of it cooling down then I would do my workout.

Evening came and as I looked at the clock I realized that it was nearing time for dinner. I looked out the window, and yes the sun was still there. Along with the sun was the fact that I didn’t get to workout yesterday, and I absolutely had to today.

Reluctantly I got up, got my workout gear, filled my water bottle up, made sure my space was clear and got ready for my one mile walk/fun indoors.

After I completed my walk/run I was drinched in sweat, and nearly out of breath. I refused to give up so I continued to talk to myself, encourage myself, telling myself that no.matter what I was not going to stop.

I moved on to my painful squats followed by the sistering lunges. By now my legs were shaky, but my mind game was strong so I kept going. I moved into weight lifting, followed it with pushups, and I nice set of my favorite burpees (FYI these are actually my very least favorite).

I finished today’s workout with another mile walk/run. Thank you God because I didn’t give up, I pushed beyond my boundaries, and inspite of my circumstances I made it.

One day down and one day more.

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